Monday, July 25, 2011

and here we go

I am in a full swing sewing addiction.  I keep myself up at night dreaming of fabric, patterns and all the possible combos. I've been sewing for years now, but was never any good.  I didn't know how to alter a pattern, never made the markings right, or chose the wrong fabric for a project.  Any number of things that kept me from actually wearing it or just giving up and stopping midway.  It all amounts to wasted time and money. Something about getting older (pfft) has made me more patient.
Crazy, I know.  But now I'm taking my time, following the directions and studying techniques.
Guess what's happening??  I can wear what I sew, mostly that is. Of course there are still some intimidating UFO's lurking in my stash (umm, the half finished 40s dress staring at me from my dress form right now-I'm scared of it).  

What's even more fun is a lot of my friends are learning to sew, diving right in.  I thought it would be helpful to have a place we can all be in it together, learning, teaching and showing off our finished projects.
Then we can post all the pretty, pretty things we make, squeal, and start all over again on another project.  Yes? Who's in to Sew Along?

First up, the lovely and FREE pattern from Colette Patterns, the Sorbetto.

Isn't it darling?  I've made 3 already, and can testify, the fit is great, the pattern is super easy to follow, and the possibilities to customize are endless. Plus, there are no zippers or buttons to deal with, just good ole fabric and thread.

Click to here download.

Next up:

-taking your measurements
-the fabric
-techniques for this top
-cutting out the pattern

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