Thursday, July 28, 2011

notions and tools and prep

Notions and Tools

Our pattern calls for the usual notions and tools:  main fabric, bias tape (made or bought), thread, pins, pattern weights, shears and marking tool.  Personally, I don't use weights much, cause I don't have a rotary cutter yet; I just pin the pattern to the fabric.  But if I do, I just use cans of food, hey why pay for weights when you have stuff around the house that works!

Here's a few basic sewing tools that I consider necessary.  I highly suggest having all these at the very least...

shears: dress makers and pinking

marking tools: fabric pen and chalk pencil

measuring tools: clear ruler, seam gauge, measuring tape

and of course the seam ripper!


Before you start cutting and sewing, you need to pre-treat your fabric-basically wash and dry it.  The advice I've always found is treat it how you will a treat it after it's sewn.  If you plan to wash and dry a particular way, do it like that.  If you plan to dry clean, then you can skip the wash/dry phase and dry clean it after wearing it.
I can't stress how important this is.  Cause it sucks big time if it shrinks after all the time (and money!) you spent making it.

I've got mine all ready to go...

In the "Snippets" from the Colette Blog (can you tell I love that company?), the owner suggested getting everything ready before you sit down at your machine.  It was like a lightbulb going off to me, haha. Like running out of bobbin thread cause I was too lazy to wind a second bobbin, or not making my bias tape before starting to sew.  It just slows your roll and breaks the concentration.

So we'll have all our tools handy, fabric pre-treated, and bobbins wound.  And beverage of choice obviously (just keep it away from the fabric, ha).

I found that the Sorbetto takes about 1 1/2 bobbins, got them wound up and ready to go, too!

So, who else has bought their fabric??  Send me pictures and I'll post them-getting excited to see what everyone has chosen!

EDIT  Pins and Hand Needles!  How could I forget??  These are of course part of the basic toolkit!


  1. seam gauge? tell me about this. don't have one but certainly can get one, if needed!

  2. Sure! The little blue slider on the seam gauge can be adjusted to anywhere from 1/8 up to 6 inches. You move the slider to the seam you want, in our case will be 1/4 for the hem. Helps you measure correctly as you turn up the seam to iron. The blue slider actually sits against the edge of the fabric.
    It's just a lot more convenient that trying to use a ruler to measure :)