Saturday, July 30, 2011

sorbetto: day 1!

Here we go, I'm so excited :)  Let's jump right in...

First up, getting the pattern ready.  Print it out, cut out each rectangle.  Then match up the numbered triangles and tape the pieces together.  Now get to cutting out your size!

Once you're all cut out, place the pattern pieces on your fabric.  I refold my fabric so it saves as much as possible.

Pin the pieces to the fabric or use pattern weights.  I like to pin first at the fold line and work my way out, tends to be more precise for me.  Then go ahead and cut into that fabric!!  

Next, we'll transfer all the markings to the fabric. Like these wee notches.  Cut out on both pattern pieces.(This is the back's only marking)

And the darts.  Find your size on the dart triangles, then clip the two "legs" that form the triangle, making a tiny slit about 1/4" into the fabric

Then we have to mark the point of the dart.  And we're gonna use my favorite method, a tailor's tack.  
Grab a hand needle, and use a contrasting thread about 4-6 threads thick.  We're going to put the needle through the point of the dart in your corresponding size and through all layers.

Now see how you have two distinct parts of the thread? Hold one of those to keep on the top, and pull the needle through all layers to the bottom

When you take the pattern piece off, gently (!), and before you unfold, pull the two layers of fabric apart, just a smidge til you see the thread in the middle, then clip it

When you unfold the top, you should see this on the top and bottom and both sides of the fold line

Now you can unfold the top completely and you have both pieces done, yay!

Now for the bias tape!  I make mine 1" wide and it's worked perfectly. It doesn't even take a lot of fabric :)  You should be good with 80-85 inches of tape.  

First, lay out more fabric, grab a ruler and your marking pen or chalk pencil

Get as much on the true bias as you can. (I ended up making way too much, ha)

Once you have it all marked up, cut them out!

Then we're going to trim the ends square

Now take all these to the sewing machine to attach.  You will put one strip on top of the other at a right angle. The strip in front is on top of the back one.  Sew from corner to corner where the strips overlap. Do a reverse stitch at each end to secure.

This is what it looks like after sewing

Then open and repeat.  If you don't open before you add another strip, they'll be sewn on backwards. Yeah, know from experience.  But at least it's not a lot of seam to rip out if you mess up!

When you're done sewing all the strips together, take to the ironing board and press the seam open

Then pink the seam allowance so it doesn't unravel.  Be very careful not to cut through the strip, I've almost done this a lot.  How cute are those lil seams?

Then you're done for the day!

Ozzie wanted to wish everyone good luck! 

(It's really his "mom, are you done so we can go on a walk?" face)

Any questions?


  1. yahoo! and here we go. I've got mine cut out and we are moving full-steam-ahead. pictures, soon!

  2. Curious, did you do the FBA on it?