Monday, July 25, 2011

sorbetto: schedule

Before we jump into anything, I wanted to set a tentative schedule for us.  All the people that expressed interest are busy mommas so I don't want to go too fast, but not too slow and lose anyone due to boredom.

I figured the rest of this week we will build up to the sewing-fabric suggestions and purchasing (got mine today!), taking our measurements, techniques of this pattern, tips, prep, etc.  This weekend we can get going.

So here is a schedule.  If we need to put a couple more days between tasks, fine with me.  Just let me know and I'll revise.

7.30 Saturday
Cutting out our pattern, Cutting into our fabric (squee!), making the bias tape (if not buying)

7.31 Sunday
Stay-stitching the neckline, sewing the darts and center pleat

8.2 Tuesday
Sewing the shoulder and side seams

8.4 Thursday
Applying bias tape to neckline

8.6 Saturday
Applying bias tape to armholes

8.7 Sunday
Sewing the hem-you're done!


  1. That works for me. I have to go get more material for a project I am working on, so I can definatley pick some up for me :)


  2. Can't wait to see your fabric, you always pick out cute stuff!!