Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another take on the sorbetto

When I find a pattern I like, I love to make a bunch of versions, changing it a little each time.  The sorbetto is perfect for doing this.

I've had this vintage pink and green cotton fabric for years now, bought off ebay.  It's super light weight without being sheer.  I think I got it for about $10-$15 for 3-4 yards.  Not a bad deal :)

I cut out the fabric before I finished the teal version. But afterward, realized I wanted to change it up a bit on the neckline, the armholes and the pleat.     

I was finding on my last cotton sorbetto (but not on the linen or polyester, huh?), it was tight around the arm holes, so I trimmed them by an inch along the bottom.  With the neckline, I wanted to lower it by 2".  I cut the paper pattern and laid it out on top of the fabric, and traced the new neckline. Flipped the pattern to the other side and repeated.

In order to do away with the pleat, I sewed the pleat line, but put the pleat to the inside, then cut it off with pinking shears and pressed the seam open.  Bye, bye pleat.
To cover up the seam line from that, I needed to cover it.  In my head, I had a wonderful idea for a tuxedo type front using a white strip of fabric where the pleat was, with piping on the sides. Unfortunately, the only white I had on hand was bleached muslin, and it is really thin, so I had to layer it so not to see the main fabric through it.

Sewing the muslin and piping in place.  I love piping!  Such an easy way to dress up a garment!!

Oy.  After I got it all sewn-I hated it.  It looks too Home Ec for my taste.  Not to mention, the muslin was so thick, it affected the drape of the front of the shirt.  It was really stiff.  Even laying out the buttons I planned on adding didn't make me like it any more.  Booooo.

Sooooo, I ripped out the stitching and decided to re-add the pleat, hahaha.  But I did make it much narrower.  I had to grab a scrap and make the strip since I had already cut the original off.  I applied the piping again, and have to say, really liked this version more.  And buttons will finish the look.

I love wearing this shirt, probably worn it 5 times since I finished it.  It's perfect for hot days, as it's a pretty thin cotton.

Ignore my pinched face look, it was H.O.T.  Dang humidity.

Thanks to my husband for humoring me during my "action" shots, hahahaha.

Friday, August 12, 2011

crafty friends

Today was so super fun!  My other fun time is photography and today, my dear friend Angie came to visit.  We did a lil ol' photo shoot for the soon-to-be-released website for her company, Collisionware.  She sells oven mitts, pot holders, wallets and aprons.  Right now she runs a successful Etsy shop, does craft shows, and even quit her day job to go the crafty life full time!

If you haven't seen her character oven mitts, go take a look RIGHT NOW here!  They are too cute!!

Sneak peak from today :)

I love hanging out with my fellow crafters, I get inspired all over again to get working, continue my photography and keep making stuff. Sometimes you just need a good dose of "two heads together" to kick start yourself, or remind you that, indeed, you are on the right track.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

guilty pleasure inspiration

I have a confession to make...please don't judge me.  But I've been a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the past couple months. It started out innocent-I'd watch while I sew, half paying attention.  I love anything aliens, monster, or magical and the show has it all.  Add the puns and camp to it?  I'm hooked!
While my 16 year old stepdaughter was visiting it became a nightly ritual for us-dinner, clean up, then Buffy!  My poor husband, he suffered through episode after episode just to spend time with us-he's a keeper :)

What I've noticed, like most shows, each female character is highlighted by wardrobe.  Of course there's Buffy.  She has a strange mix of conservative, sexy, girly and of course, leather pants.

And Willow, with her weird, quirky sweaters and long denim skirts

But my favorite, style wise is Anya, the former vengeance demon (god, I'm even rolling my eyes at myself, hahaha).

Anya's style is a bit retro, but not so much that it's costumey, which is my favorite kind.  Her look tends to favor the '40s.

Here in the musical episode, her cute retro style pj's. What a great little lace godet in the shorts!  Must find a pattern...

Of course, the white peter pan collar I love

And one of my favorites, it's hard to tell, but it's a dress. And I just adore the pointy collar with the green piping against the dark floral!

But alas, they can't all be winners, especially all three in this pic. Reminds you that it is in fact, the late 90s that the show aired.  Yikes.

Now that I've completely embarrassed myself, do you have any show peeps that inspire you?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sorbetto: day 6

And our last day...

Today is just hemming our shirt and showing off!

Heat up the iron, get your seam gauge and grab your top. On the wrong side, press your hem up 1/4".
After you do that all around the hem, turn up another 1/4" (or 3/8" as the pattern says) and press again.

Take to the machine and sew all around the hem.

Then press ONE LAST TIME!  Um, we are done.


I added a little decoration to mine, it was feeling a bit boring without something.  However, I think I dressed it up a smidge more than my wardrobe demands. Oh well, poor me, I have a nice shirt now, ha.

And my moody lighting shot

I know a few people got caught up in the busyness of life and couldn't get to sewing, but as soon as you finish, send me pictures and I'll put them up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

sorbetto: day 5

Wow, I'm super late on posting today, whoops!  I didn't feel too bad since today's sewing is pretty much the same as Thursday's.

On to the armholes!  The armholes are done exactly the same way as the neckline, the only difference is they are smaller to work with.  This means, you have to be extra careful not to let the bottom fabric get caught up under what you're sewing.  Sucks when that happens.

I like to recycle, so please forgive me that I'm, er, going to use the same pics as before :)

Pin your bias in place, leaving the tails again

Sew, sew, sew!

Get those lil old tails, sew, then press

Then sew to attach

Then press again!

Now you got this.  See?  Looks exactly like that neckline, just smaller

Pinch together along sewing line, press

Then flip under again on itself, then sew and press, again, ha

At lastly, a cheater shot, of the neckline, but this IS what the arms are supposed to look like ;)

Looky, shoulders!

Now, tomorrow is the last day!  We're gonna hem this baby, and show off and I can't wait!

Happy Saturday all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

sorbetto: day 4

We've cut everything out, done our darts, pleat and side seams. How did you finish your seams?

Now we're on to the bias binding.  First up, the neckline.

Get out that lovely bias tape, bought or made, and a bunch of pins.
Turn your top to the wrong side and start pinning the RIGHT side of the tape around the neckline.  Since it's on a curve you may have to use more pins that normal.

Make sure to leave a couple inches unpinned, forming a gap, plus a couple of inches of bias tape on each side of the gap.

Take to the machine and sew it up, leaving the gap unsewn.  (I did mine at 1/8" at first, but it was too close to the edge, and my fabric was unraveling.  So, I did another one at 1/4".  Do whichever works for you, as both are fine.)
I give my bias tape a smidge stretch as I make sure it's lined up with the edges

Now, about those little tails...Grab them like below, we are going to sew them together.  See the left edge of my thumb? That is where we're going to sew, vertically on that strip.

Once you have that sewn, take and press the seam open, and pink to prevent unraveling.  Now, see how there is no seam over the pinked edge/gap?  Back to the machine we go to put a seam over that, closing the gap.  (Dang unraveling linen, jeez.)

Our next step is...more pressing!  Of course, haha. Press the your seam all around.

We're about to flip this bias under on itself, so we want to get a nice, neat edge.
Fold the tape, making the fold on the line of stitches you just sewed. (It's real scientific and all, but it helps to wet your fingers and maneuver the fabric in place.)  Then press again. See how neat the edge is?

Then fold the tape under itself all around, and press again.

Take to the machine and sew close to the edge, press all around. And this is what you should have!

Whew.  Ok, any questions?  Next up...same exact thing on the armholes, woohoo!  (Sorry, it's late, I may be delirious)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sorbetto: day 3

Today we're sewing our seams!

First up, shoulders.  The pattern calls for a seam at 5/8". When I first started sewing, I would just ignore what patterns called for and kinda sew wherever I wanted.  I figured if I was making it straight what did it matter?  Needless to say, my garments didn't turn out too well, hahaha.  Hmmm, go figure...

So, right sides together, pin and sew the seam

Now, you want the inside to look as good as the outside, right? Then we have to finish the seams.  You can use any method you please on your seams.  I'm going to use the clean finish, which I'll demonstrate below.  Here's a great link for more finishing if that one isn't your thing.

So, I press my seam open

Then I turn both allowances under toward the seam and press in place

Then I sew them and press again.  I have this...voila!

This is what the right side will look like.  My dang bobbin thread got all fiddley on the left, but it'll just end up being covered up by bias tape anyway.

Repeat on the side seams.  

For whatever reason, my notches haven't been adding up when I make this top.  Not sure if it's the fabric I choose, or maybe it's a sewing mystery I haven't figured out yet.  But, I just make sure my armholes match and so far it's worked for me.  I have had to shave a miniscule amount off the bottom, but, eh, whatever.

And this is what the inside of your sides should look like

All done for the day, easy, right?