Wednesday, August 24, 2011

another take on the sorbetto

When I find a pattern I like, I love to make a bunch of versions, changing it a little each time.  The sorbetto is perfect for doing this.

I've had this vintage pink and green cotton fabric for years now, bought off ebay.  It's super light weight without being sheer.  I think I got it for about $10-$15 for 3-4 yards.  Not a bad deal :)

I cut out the fabric before I finished the teal version. But afterward, realized I wanted to change it up a bit on the neckline, the armholes and the pleat.     

I was finding on my last cotton sorbetto (but not on the linen or polyester, huh?), it was tight around the arm holes, so I trimmed them by an inch along the bottom.  With the neckline, I wanted to lower it by 2".  I cut the paper pattern and laid it out on top of the fabric, and traced the new neckline. Flipped the pattern to the other side and repeated.

In order to do away with the pleat, I sewed the pleat line, but put the pleat to the inside, then cut it off with pinking shears and pressed the seam open.  Bye, bye pleat.
To cover up the seam line from that, I needed to cover it.  In my head, I had a wonderful idea for a tuxedo type front using a white strip of fabric where the pleat was, with piping on the sides. Unfortunately, the only white I had on hand was bleached muslin, and it is really thin, so I had to layer it so not to see the main fabric through it.

Sewing the muslin and piping in place.  I love piping!  Such an easy way to dress up a garment!!

Oy.  After I got it all sewn-I hated it.  It looks too Home Ec for my taste.  Not to mention, the muslin was so thick, it affected the drape of the front of the shirt.  It was really stiff.  Even laying out the buttons I planned on adding didn't make me like it any more.  Booooo.

Sooooo, I ripped out the stitching and decided to re-add the pleat, hahaha.  But I did make it much narrower.  I had to grab a scrap and make the strip since I had already cut the original off.  I applied the piping again, and have to say, really liked this version more.  And buttons will finish the look.

I love wearing this shirt, probably worn it 5 times since I finished it.  It's perfect for hot days, as it's a pretty thin cotton.

Ignore my pinched face look, it was H.O.T.  Dang humidity.

Thanks to my husband for humoring me during my "action" shots, hahahaha.


  1. Love the material!!! Super cute.
    I am already shopping for fun materials to make some more. Once I made my adjustments it was perfect!!


  2. Super cute and I love the action shots. This is an awesome Blog! xo Wanda

  3. Leah, yay! When you take your shots wearing them, I'll put up ASAP :)

    Wanda, xoxo to you! Thanks so much!!

  4. Jill,

    You look PIMP in that hat! I want one!

  5. Ha, thanks Jason! Got it in Catalina, if you and the wifey ever come this way, we'll have to go!
    Also, totally forgot you had a blog, adding to my blogroll now!!