Friday, August 12, 2011

crafty friends

Today was so super fun!  My other fun time is photography and today, my dear friend Angie came to visit.  We did a lil ol' photo shoot for the soon-to-be-released website for her company, Collisionware.  She sells oven mitts, pot holders, wallets and aprons.  Right now she runs a successful Etsy shop, does craft shows, and even quit her day job to go the crafty life full time!

If you haven't seen her character oven mitts, go take a look RIGHT NOW here!  They are too cute!!

Sneak peak from today :)

I love hanging out with my fellow crafters, I get inspired all over again to get working, continue my photography and keep making stuff. Sometimes you just need a good dose of "two heads together" to kick start yourself, or remind you that, indeed, you are on the right track.

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