Wednesday, August 10, 2011

guilty pleasure inspiration

I have a confession to make...please don't judge me.  But I've been a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the past couple months. It started out innocent-I'd watch while I sew, half paying attention.  I love anything aliens, monster, or magical and the show has it all.  Add the puns and camp to it?  I'm hooked!
While my 16 year old stepdaughter was visiting it became a nightly ritual for us-dinner, clean up, then Buffy!  My poor husband, he suffered through episode after episode just to spend time with us-he's a keeper :)

What I've noticed, like most shows, each female character is highlighted by wardrobe.  Of course there's Buffy.  She has a strange mix of conservative, sexy, girly and of course, leather pants.

And Willow, with her weird, quirky sweaters and long denim skirts

But my favorite, style wise is Anya, the former vengeance demon (god, I'm even rolling my eyes at myself, hahaha).

Anya's style is a bit retro, but not so much that it's costumey, which is my favorite kind.  Her look tends to favor the '40s.

Here in the musical episode, her cute retro style pj's. What a great little lace godet in the shorts!  Must find a pattern...

Of course, the white peter pan collar I love

And one of my favorites, it's hard to tell, but it's a dress. And I just adore the pointy collar with the green piping against the dark floral!

But alas, they can't all be winners, especially all three in this pic. Reminds you that it is in fact, the late 90s that the show aired.  Yikes.

Now that I've completely embarrassed myself, do you have any show peeps that inspire you?

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  1. This is the best post! You can never have too much Buffy! I watch the dvds while sewing all the time.....and Sunnydale high is actually Torrance high....right by my house!!