Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sorbetto: day 3

Today we're sewing our seams!

First up, shoulders.  The pattern calls for a seam at 5/8". When I first started sewing, I would just ignore what patterns called for and kinda sew wherever I wanted.  I figured if I was making it straight what did it matter?  Needless to say, my garments didn't turn out too well, hahaha.  Hmmm, go figure...

So, right sides together, pin and sew the seam

Now, you want the inside to look as good as the outside, right? Then we have to finish the seams.  You can use any method you please on your seams.  I'm going to use the clean finish, which I'll demonstrate below.  Here's a great link for more finishing if that one isn't your thing.

So, I press my seam open

Then I turn both allowances under toward the seam and press in place

Then I sew them and press again.  I have this...voila!

This is what the right side will look like.  My dang bobbin thread got all fiddley on the left, but it'll just end up being covered up by bias tape anyway.

Repeat on the side seams.  

For whatever reason, my notches haven't been adding up when I make this top.  Not sure if it's the fabric I choose, or maybe it's a sewing mystery I haven't figured out yet.  But, I just make sure my armholes match and so far it's worked for me.  I have had to shave a miniscule amount off the bottom, but, eh, whatever.

And this is what the inside of your sides should look like

All done for the day, easy, right?

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