Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is gonna be picture heavy...

Needless to say, I definitely did NOT get this skirt done in time for the rock show I went to a couple weeks ago.  I've come to the realization-I sew slowly.  There, I said it.  I read others blogs and they talk about how they can whip this up in 3 hours, um, not this lady.  Granted, I boned (giggle :) the waist band and lined the skirt, hand picked the zipper, but I won't divulge the total time.  Let's just say there were many episodes of That 70s Show, 3rd Rock and Angel (don't judge!) that passed while I worked.

The boning, hand picked zipper and lining were all firsts for me and they made all the difference-I LOVE the end result!!  This fabric was a great find at a local vintage shop, $10, think it was a table cloth, probably about 1 1/2 yards, forgot to measure.

I used Gertie's tutorial for the boning, found here

Here's my front waist band pieces lined with cotton flannel and seam allowances cut away (hand basted, might I add!)

Prepping the facing, made of muslin and heavy interfacing, to add boning channels

Sewn boning channels, notice the bottoms are not sewn, to insert boning (omg, who knew sewing could be so naughty!)  I burned the interfacing a bit, hence the yellow stain on there-whoopsie!

Then I sewed the waist band to the skirt, and pinned the invisible zipper in place.  I used a prick stitch. My first time and I felt like I had total control over the zipper, probably will be my go to method from now on!  After the zipper, I sewed the facing to the front waist band following the directions of the pattern.

At this point, I get scared y'all.  I start finding other stuff around the house to do, walk the dog, clean something-but the skirt kept calling.  It was time for the lining.

I used a bemberg rayon, which is heavenly to touch, but slips around like crazy.  To cut it out, I put down a layer of tissue paper on my cutting board, then sandwiched another layer when I put it on the fold. Then I sewed it all together with tissue paper to stabilize, then ripped it out after seaming.

I sewed the lining exactly like the skirt.  Then I attached it BY HAND to the seam allowance of the waist band/skirt seam and the zipper tape. Heheheheh, so proud of myself.    

Then slip stitched the facing to the lining

But, I think next time, I'll put the lining into the skirt before attaching the waist band or zipper to save time. Plus, now I have a double row of hand picked stitches visible on the zipper tape. No biggie, though.

Now, on to the hemming.  I used a stashed grosgrain (?) ribbon I had, gathered the skirt a bit, flipped that baby up almost 2" and hand sewed it to the lining.   Starting to see why this damn thing took me so long??

Look at that zippah!

 And the hem

 And for the finale...TADA!


I just adore the shape of the waist band!!

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  1. pretty! I love all the tailored touches you took the time to add. Inspiring!

  2. Why thank you, my dear, I'm learning to be more patient and take my time the older I get!

  3. What a wonderful skirt! The fabric was a great find! I have been trying hard not to buy this pattern (I have most of the other Colette patterns)but I think I may have to give in soon!

  4. Very nice! Great fabric and you did a great job putting so much work into the details - lining, zipper and waistband.

  5. Ladies, thank you SO much for your sweet words!! Millie-I think you should just break down and get this one too :)

  6. I love this version. You finish everything to such a high standard.

  7. Thank you, that means a lot to me, as I love your blog and creations!

  8. This is soooo pretty! Totally adore the fabric.

  9. Thanks, Tilly! I just adore using vintage fabric when possible!