Monday, October 10, 2011

another home dec conquered: ironing board

Our apartment is pretty small and my ironing board kinda lives out in the open.  Thank goodness my husband is so laid back and doesn't really care.

I replaced our old ironing board a couple months ago cause the lining fabric didn't breath and it rusted. I had pools of rusty water on the floor whenever I had a good steam going on.  Really annoying.

So, got a new ironing board, and had been meaning to recover it, well, cause it's ugly.  And the lining is so thin on it, whenever I iron, I can see the diamond mesh depression on my fabric. I've been layering muslin under my projects so not to get that.

already stained (new iron is next on the list-any suggestions??)

I figured if the thing is gonna be out in the open, and I'm taking the time to redo it, it at least needs to be cute and kinda blend with the rest of the decor.

Originally I was going to get a dark gray fabric that would blend with my redone chairs but after I got to the store I found a great gray houndstooth and decided that was it!

At some point, I had a revelation-the legs of the iron don't have to be dark brown (b-o-r-i-n-g), so why not spray paint them something fun?? Off the the hardware store!


Inside while the primer and paint were drying, I used the old batting as a template for my new batting.  I want the board to be really cushy, so I sandwiched 4 layers of cotton batting between muslin and sewed it up.  To prevent it from shifting during future washing, I sewed 3 times around the edge, catching the batting in the seams.  The batting is prewashed 100% cotton needled batting from Joann's, 72 x 90 inches.

Then I used the old cover as a template for my new houndstooth one.  I cut that out, and right sides together, sewed bias tape around the edges for an elastic casing.

I want the cover and the batting to be separate, in case I want to replace the cover in the future, then I don't have to buy more batting.

After getting the bias strip on, I threaded 1/4" elastic through the bias casing, tested it on the board, then closed it up.

And all together!

I absolutely love the finished board and it looks so pretty in the space!  

Disclaimer:  I used a primer and spray paint suitable for metal.  The spray paint got a chance to set for at least 24 hours, and hopefully *crossing fingers* that is enough that when opening and closing the iron it doesn't scratch off.  We'll see... 


  1. I am going to re-do my ironing board now, I really like the your spray paint idea for color and I am having the same problem as you have described ("And the lining is so thin on it, whenever I iron, I can see the diamond mesh depression on my fabric"). Question about the cover fabric... is it 100% cotton?

    Good luck finding the right iron, I have tried several in my day, my Rowenta professional works the best but it is also the HEAVY one! Too bad I cant iron with my left arm, I could call ironing a balanced strength training work-out then :)

  2. Yes! The cover is 100% cotton, it really needs to be able to breathe.

    What color are you thinking of painting your board?? I just love the idea of pretty painted ironing boards everywhere! Honestly, surprised manufacturers haven't done it yet.

    Thanks on the iron quest, I want to invest and get a good one, I'll look into the Rowenta, I want a heavy one. Strength training, hehe, I wish sewing could give us a good workout, too!

  3. Ahhh - I didnt have a chance to read through this post, but as soon as I saw that you started with the same bleh ironing board that I've got, I was like I MUST PIN THIS AND TRY IT SOON! So, yeah.

    1. Also! I bought a little over-the-door hanger that holds my iron AND this same ironing board perfectly...I'm pretty sure I just got it at home depot (like a year ago?) and it's probably ClosetMaid (just like this: The hooks fit perfectly into the gap in the little metal tray thing attached to the board. Just thought you might want to try it!

    2. Sue, that's a great idea. While my husband is away for work, it lives out in the open, but we definitely have limited space, and it needs a permanent home.
      I just love ironing board makeovers, it's so simple. And really, it makes ironing easier when you have something pretty to look at!!