Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've said it before and I'll say it again-I should never sew with a deadline-will I ever learn my lesson??  I got it into my head that I needed, needed, to make the Bombshell dress with Gertie for a friends wedding.  The wedding was this past weekend.  Needless to say,  I did finish, but not without a couple casualties.  I blew off my friends, housework (and husband a little) to make and finish (yay!) this damn dress. HOURS upon hours spent sewing, hunched over.  I won't even show you the aftermath to the sewing area and living room.  I'm even ashamed. 

Luckily I have a "top drawer" husband who granted me the time and space to sew my little heart out.  

The wedding was in Big Bear, CA, a couple hours away, and I must say, was so lovely!  We stayed on the lake, the weather was perfect and it was fun to see a new place.

And the wedding was the sweetest,  I cried my eyes out!  But it was the good crying, interspersed with bursts of laughter at all the funny stories.  I can't imagine two people more suited for each other! Aren't they cute?

But, back to the dress.  I did make my own wedding dress (almost 4 years ago), and it was complicated, but this dress seems now, to be the most complicated thing I've ever sewn.  Did I mention it took me forever?

I'll spare you the muslin shots, cause they're a little skimpy. I even added a full inch to the top of the bustline and around the back.  I took cues from this lovely dress maker, here.  I couldn't imagine if I hadn't how R rated it would've been, ha. Here's the bodice, pre-lining. And I've catch stitched all the facings down, inserted the padding, and clipped my seams.

Here's the lining fabric, boning inserted (giggle)

When I got to the hemming (my least favorite part of dress making) I realized I had forgotten to buy any seam binding.  I had a great aunt who was a total depression era/make do and mend kinda lady.  When she passed a few years back, I was lucky enough to get her sewing paraphernalia.  I dug through her sewing box and found my seam binding! Can you imagine paying only 19 cents for a notion?  Thanks Aunt Evelyn! (I'll have to talk more about her at some point, she deserves her own post!)

Here's the finished inside, black polka dot bodice lining and waist stay.   I skipped the zipper guard, cause well, it just didn't seem to need it, and so far, so good.  I just love the polka dot inside.  I also really like the waist stay, so brilliant for strapless dresses.

California gets chilly at night, even during the summer, and being in the mountains, I figured it would get even chillier, especially for early fall.  The wedding started at 3, but it was outside and the reception in a tent next to it.  I needed a jacket.  I had great dreams of making a bolero or short  jacket, and even picked out a pattern, Simplicity 2250.  I bought the main and lining fabric.
However, I just ran out of time.  I bought RTW.  Don't judge please.
The problem was, even though it was my size, it was still too big.  So I chopped it all up.  I unpicked the bottom and part of the side lining, took in the side seams by an inch and shortened it by about 4 inches, then reattached the lining. Unfortunately, I was so time crunched, I just didn't have time to snap pictures.  A jacket re-do sounds like a good future post, too!

It started getting dark at the wedding before we could get a bunch of good photos, so I recreated the look at home :) Not a fan of this picture of myself, but I had to throw in the Ozzie shot, he insisted.

Back to the lake, chasing the sun

And it's gone

Congrats again Claire and Joey!


  1. WOW you made an EXCELLENT job of this dress !!!!! WOW WOW WOW !! I signed up to that course, but am no where near ready to attempt it yet. When I do, if it turns out anywhere near as beautiful as yours I will be sooo happy. Great job, really. :-)

  2. Well thank you very much, you certainly know how to make a gal feel good! When you're ready to start yours I'll be on the look out, it's challenging for sure, but just take baby steps and sew s-l-o-w!

  3. ;-) I wish ! Honestly I just had to come back to this page and take another peek ! You did such a fine job, it properly looks couture. I can hand on heart say that after many MANY M A N Y trawlings online for peeks at this dress, yours is by far my favourite ! I am currently attempting a very easy Vogue, it may be a few goes yet until I am ready to tackle the bombshell :-)) BTW, thanks for checking out my sewing blog ! Cant wait to see what you sew next xx

  4. Oh my gosh, your favorite, squeeee! Seriously, thank you for the compliment, makes me feel so good!

    Yes, I'm keeping an eye out on your blog, too, you have such a great sense of humor it's a delight to read!