Thursday, October 13, 2011

happy 4 year anniversary

to me and the husband!


honeymoon in hawaii

my dad and I

I made my own dress using Simplicity 5876, a 75th Anniversary pattern.  Unfortunately, I can't find any great full shots of my dress, just partial ones, haha.  How on earth did that happen?  (I really need to dig around for pictures of the full dress, I must have them somewhere!)   I made the one on the far left.

At that point I didn't really sew much more than home dec stuff and got it into my head to sew my gown.  I had looked all over and online for something with flutter sleeves with a retro flair.  Needless to say, nothing existed unless I wanted a custom gown-which wasn't gonna happen.  Our wedding was a total DIY affair (a.k.a tiny budget) so I figured I'd just sew my own. 

I didn't understand grading patterns, so cut out a straight 12-34 bust, 26 1/2 waist, 36 hips.  My waistline was a little bigger than that, more like 27 1/2 or 28.  And that dress was tight at the waist, lol.  Just thought it would work somehow, ha!

But I did use these really cute pin-up buttons on the cummerbund.  They make me smile.

Also, in my novice-ness, I had tried on the dress during fittings with a bra on, and didn't wear one for the ceremony, so it was a little loose.  Oh well, it looked good and my husband still talks about that dress to this day :)

Maybe one day I'll remake it in another color, perhaps for the 10 year anniversary?

and just because, hehe...



  1. Happy 4th Anniversary. Great photos! I hope you find full length wedding photos. Your dress looks amazing.

  2. Thank you so much, hope I find those pictures, too!