Wednesday, October 19, 2011

to fly or not to fly...with my sewing machine

Happy news to report that I got a job!  I work freelance so there's always the off chance for long periods of unemployment-and it has been pretty dry lately.  But, work is on the table til February, so that's very exciting! 

Thing is, it's a lot of traveling...what am I to do about sewing?!?  I mean, I could take all the knitting I have stalled, as I have quite the yarn stash as well (pretty ridiculous textile addiction I have!)  My sewing machine just fits in a carry-on roll suitcase.  I have a work bag to carry on as well, so my camera bag needs to go in my carry on, too, but both sewing machine and camera bag won't fit.

And I did check the TSA website, sewing machines are not prohibited.  Plus, there are stories abounding on the interwebs about carrying them on the plane.

Anyone else do this?

Ahhhhh, decisions, decisions! 

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