Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ironing board again?

A dear friend of mine saw my ironing board cover and immediately begged me to help makeover hers.  One fun filled weekend while the hubby was away, she came over.  Armed with copious amounts of Mint Julep Makers Mark and yummy food, we tackled her plain board.


2 cans spray primer (appropriate for metal)
2 cans spray paint in color of choice (appropriate for metal)
2 yards 100% quilting cotton
2 packages 3 yard bias binding
thread to match bias binding
1 package 1/4 inch elastic
medium safety pin or bodkin for threading elastic

optional if making padding as well:

2 yards muslin
72 x 90 cotton batting (NO polyester-things gotta breath!)

I'll spare you all the process shots, cause we essentially did the same steps as mine here.  Plus, don't we really just want to see the before and after?

**oh, and a little tip when spray painting (aka-what I didn't do on mine) wipe down the board really well before applying!



I think it's a resounding success, and my friend is in love with it :) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

great aunt evelyn

A lot of crafty people have someone that's inspired them in a way.  My great aunt Evelyn is a huge source for me.  She passed away a few years back, but today would have been her 96th birthday. 

She was a funny lady.  The youngest of 13 children, she lived through the Great Depression and WWII both still playing an influence in her life to the end.  I've never met someone that could pinch a penny quite like her.  And boy, if someone tried to rip her off, she let them have a piece of her mind-and loved to tell the story to all of us later, ha!

She had a very matter-of-fact tone, like why she never married:  cause she never met anyone she liked as much as herself (bahahahaha, love it!)  And gave us gems like soaking your fingernails in vinegar will make your nails stronger.  Or propping your feet on something high will relieve constipation (imagine a teenager hearing something like that, ugh!) but damn if she didn't have a solution for everything.  She would reuse tin foil, save a spoon of food and freeze it, and generally harass us if we wasted anything.

It must of sunk in cause my husband says there's a depression era lady stuck in my body.  Pffft.

Evelyn was also big into sewing.  She made everything from curtains to dresses.  I still have the curtains, mid-century amoeba style, hanging in my dining area.

She lived with one of her sisters, my great aunt Gracie and her husband.  When I was little, I spent a lot of time over there while my parents worked.  Evelyn would make me little reversible dresses all the time using this pattern

I inherited her sewing stuff and found the pattern in there!  Looks pretty simple, no?  This is the only picture I can find of me wearing one

I got a couple patterns from her, and tons of binding, buttons, and little stuff like that.  But my absolute favorite is this:

How cool is that?  They are ribbon, and I guess she would just cut it out and hand sew in garments.  I love the simplicity of it!

So, in an ode to crafty inspiration, Happy Birthday Aunt Evelyn!

  (she hated having her picture taken and would kill me for this one, ha!)