Friday, December 30, 2011

it feels good to finish something!

Got two things done while I've been on the road...

First up, these mitts.  I type lots and lots all day, mostly outside (whoever said TV production was glamorous lied).  My poor little fingers are getting really chilly, so of course fingerless gloves are the answer.

I love the design, I used Midnight Dreary, found on Ravelry.  Yay for free patterns.  I think it was serendipity cause I had just gone to the Edgar Allen Poe museum the day I chose the pattern!  Plus, it's interesting enough of a pattern with the cable to keep my post-work brain interested.

Now, the color tan is usually the last thing I adorn my body with, but I had a bunch of this yarn left leftover from a blanket project and I'm trying to stash bust.  They're pilling up already though, however, I think I'm really rough on my clothing and accessories.

The thing is, they kinda get in the way of my typing, haaaaaa!  I think regular fingerless gloves, not mittens, would work better.  Oh well, it was a fun pattern anyway and I'll wear them regardless.

And look, silly me, I forgot to do one of the cable repeats after the thumb gusset on my right hand!  I could take them apart and fix it, so it matches the other one, but I'm probably too lazy for that, hehe.  Embrace the mistake!

Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash

Next up, another Ravelry pattern, Orca Tails.  I looooove the color!

goodness, I look so serious, I'm really not!

It was a really, really easy knit.  My only b*itch is that the damn sides are rolling in.  I've blocked the thing 2x and it's still not behaving.  I followed the pattern exactly and everything, grrr.

The yarn is 100% worsted cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas.  It feels great to knit with, and I would totally use it again.

I'm not sure if it will keep my neck super warm when it's really cold outside, but who cares, it's purty!

see? not so serious after all :) (And might I note, rockin my first Sorbetto!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i got a good deal

On my mini-machine.  Spotted two at an antique store yesterday-without box, clamps or instructions and they were $115 and $140.  They're not even in good shape, pffft.

Plus, found a couple like mine on ebay, and they're ranging from $112-$200, muahahaha!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

for the love of all things mini

I travel a lot for work, and I've been on the road, with a short break in the middle, for almost 2 months now.  I pondered taking my sewing machine with me here, cause it just fit in my carry on.  In the end, I decided it wasn't a great idea, too much to worry about, moving around a lot.  And that was the right decision.  I've been entertaining myself with little spurts of knitting (finished projects coming soon!)

While on the road, if given a spare moment, I love to visit antique stores or flea markets.  It's especially nice, cause I find stuff in SoCal is either picked over or expensive. 

Well,  my favorite find, I'm 100%, head over hills, totally smitten with, is my newest purchase-a wee, mini sewing machine from 1953!  A Singer SewHandy to be exact.  You know that moment, GASP! Eyes lock on the prize, you quickly look around to make sure no other grubby hands are about to reach in and grab it.  Ohhhhh, I can hardly explain how excited I was! (Confession, I was really only one of two people in the store besides the owner, so no one to actually grab it, but that feeling was there!)

Seen here with a lipstick for reference

You attach it with a C-clamp to a table and use the hand crank

I got this beauty for a mere $85, and that may sound like a lot, but let me explain...

Look at all the originals it came with it:

1) box, with only a smidge of water damage
2) instruction manual
3) C-clamp to attach to a table
4) key to unscrew needle

This tiny thing was marketed for children, look, a note for the mom

All the parts

It's even loaded with how to's, like this

What are the odds of having all this intact?  Remarkable!

Maybe this solves my on the road sewing conundrum? Now if I can find time to actually do it!