Wednesday, August 15, 2012

it's that time...

we're closing on our house this week!!
(and i'm stoked to never have to look at this ugly floor again!)

I do have a WIP, and hopefully, between packing and moving, I can get it finished.  It's a dress with one of my fabrics from South Africa, woohoo!

And I have three FOs that so far, I've been too lazy to photograph.  Is it just me or is taking pictures the most difficult part of blogging? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hollywood heart

On my blogiversary I mentioned a non-profit organization a friend of mine is involved in, called Hollywood Heart, an annual arts program/summer camp for kids with HIV/AIDS.  The kids come from all over the United States and learn activities like creative writing, film making, fashion(!) and more. 

My friend, Melysa, runs the fashion portion, and she's graciously agreed to an interview about her role with the camp.  Which is funny, and she said, weird, as she's a producer and usually the one asking questions! 

1.  Tell us about yourself, how you started sewing, how long, past sewing ventures, etc
Well that's a lot, but here goes. I grew up in Orlando and hated it. Especially when I got to high school and desperately wanted to be fashionable.... which just isn't possible there. So my grandma taught me how to sew and make clothes that's where it all began. From there I made ALL my clothes and I wore them with pride! Next thing I knew people were asking me to make their clothes. It all just sort of happened. It eventually turned into me living in NY with a clothing line, a business partner and no sleep for about 5 years. We had a good run, but fashion is fickle so we closed the company while we were still on top and I started costume designing for TV shows. (Which is why the move to LA...)
2.  Tell us about the Hollywood Heart Charity and how did you get involved
I was living in LA and working on a TV show and there was this non-profit based out of the back of the production office. I met them over by the coffee machine one day and loved everything they said. I immediately signed up and started volunteering as much as possible. Hollywood Heart is a non-profit that teaches performing arts to kids affected with HIV/AIDS and they run a summer camp for the kids in Malibu every summer. The camp has several vocations for the kids to choose from: music, acting, creative writing, visual arts, filmmaking and of course, fashion. But the main thing I think camp teaches is self-esteem and opportunity. These kids come from a world where 'fashion designer' never occurred to them as a possible path in life.    
3.  Walk us through a typical day in the fashion workshop with you
The kids are in their 'classes' for 4 hours everyday and we all work toward our big 'Gala Performance'. My class puts on a fashion show at the gala so our week is jam packed! The kids come in and they've never sewn a stitch, but in just a week they all have 1-2 complete looks that they model in the show. And they do it all! They design their look, sew their look, pick their accessories, pick the music for the show and the performance. Last year they had a guy on stage (whom they styled) and they all pushed him around when they came out from back stage and eventually kicked him off the stage and strutted their stuff right up into the audience. They come up with it all, I was just there to help. 
4.  You told me about the shift in the kids from the beginning to the end of camp, explain por favor 
Yeah the kids are flown in from all over the US and most come from rough areas, they don't know each other, and now we're asking them to sing in front of a crowd, it's tough. But once we do some ice breakers and we get started in our classes, the transformation is incredible. They all live with this big burden of being born with a virus that has a bad wrap, but at camp they're surrounded by a bunch of other people just like them, with the same burden. Add to that they're all learning how to make something or discovering a talent they never realized and they just blossom right in front of you. In fashion the big thing is thinking of an outfit they like and then MAKING it by themselves, it blows them away that they can do it. They always tell me how empowered they feel and almost every camper I've had has continued to sew after camp.
5.  What do you hope for the future of the camp? 
I just want camp to keep happening. It's a magical place for one week out of the year but it means the WORLD to the kids that attend. I stay in touch with some on facebook and they look forward to camp ALL year, they count the days. But for my class, I'd love to have other professionals come and teach the kids about other aspects like costume design, color theory, basically careers they don't even know exist. 
6.  Cause I'm always nosy, what is your favorite material to sew with? 
This is the most difficult question on the list! I've been going round and round but really how can you pick just one? 
I don't know about you, but I cried after reading her responses!  
**Now, we all know the sewing community is hugely generous.  I'm asking, please spread the word about this organization, whether through email, blog or other means...And if you're interested in donating, click here **  


Thanks, Melysa, for taking time to be on the other side of the interview! 
(totally stole your pic ;-)
(And this is interesting, I didn't meet Melysa here in LA, we've known each other since the days we were both traipsing around Miami Beach, about a decade ago.  Fast forward years later, through a mutual friend, we realized we were both out here, AND working in the same business.  I remember meeting her way back then, when she was deep into sewing and selling clothes.  I was still sewing things into squares, haha!  Needless to say, she's been impressing me for a long time with her mad skillz!!)

Friday, July 27, 2012


I almost forgot my own blog anniversary, whoops!  It was actually two days ago, and I started this post  before, hoping to make the date, but just couldn't make the deadline.

One year ago, I started this wee blog to do a sew along with some friends of mine that wanted to venture more into garment sewing.  The thought was to do a sew along on the Sorbetto, then do more sew alongs, gradually moving into more difficult projects.  I imagined doing one once a month, HAHAHA!  That very first (and so far only) sew along taught me how much work goes into putting one together.  So.much.time.  Needless to say, I might be a little too lazy busy to do something like that.  I never changed the name of the blog, and as obnoxious as it might seem, I'm keeping The Sew Alongs, for now...

my sew along sorbettto

Last spring I was in a little bit of a funk.  My husband was out of town a lot, I wasn't working much, we had moved to a new part of town, away from most of my friends-I was a little depressed.  But, I started feeling the urge to create again.   I dug through some fabric I had stashed and found a purple jersey, and just went for it, making a long rectangle dress, belting it. It wasn't much, but it pushed me to make more (and we do not want to look closely at those seams).  Then I started researching techniques online and stumbled across the sewing blog community.  I was pretty astounded.  I spent hours stalking through the usual subjects, like Gertie and Casey, and I felt really inspired.  Eventually, an idea to do a sew along took hold and I just decided to dip my toe in the blogging world and see what happened.  I'm so glad I did!  I've met some of the most wonderful, creative people both online and in "real" life through sewing this past year and now I can't imagine not keeping up with everyone's adventures.

I've been a bit absent for the past couple months due to a lot of work, buying a house (fingers crossed), traveling for work and family, etc, etc.  BUT, I do have a couple new projects I need to blog about, so keep checking back, and I'll keep stalking everyone's else's space!

In the meantime, please check out an organization a good friend and fellow seamstress is involved in.  Called Hollywood HEART, an annual summer camp for kids affected with HIV/AIDS.

My friend is the sewing instructor for the 3rd year now.  She teaches a group of kids mostly how to alter thrifted clothing, making their own.  At the end of the week they put on a fashion show. How cool is that??  Like most non-profits, they are always needing funds to continue.  My friend has graciously agreed to a little interview, so keep a lookout for that shortly.

If you have a minute, and some spare cash, nothing is too little, please consider donating to this wonderful cause.

Thank you!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

it's been a loooong time

Hey y'all, long time no talk!!  Life's gotten busy the last couple months and blogging had to take a back burner.  Doesn't mean I haven't been on the sidelines lurking everyone's blogs though, cuz I have!!

Here's my attempt at catching up with everyone.  Warning:  Picture heavy post!

Me Made May '12

Wow.  What a complete fail on my part.  Something I knew about myself, but was made glaringly clear during May-I hate taking pictures of myself.  The first couple days started off ok, being I was at work or hanging out with friends and had them snap a pic.  I adhered to wearing me made items for about the first 2 weeks of May, thinking "oh, I'll just have a long photo session and take all the outfit pics at once".  Of course I would've fully disclosed that process as well ;-)  But that never happened, then I got another job.  One that involves a lot of traveling and working outdoors anywhere from 12-16 hours a day.  There's lots of sweat involved and I don't want to ruin my handmade stuff, so, I guess I opted out of MMM '12.

Here's how far I got...

                             5.1.12                                                          5.5.12
                    random work shot                                    at a friend's birthday celebration, 
                  white lace renfrew                                sancho was a naughty, naughty pinata
                                                                     black maxi skirt, not blogged

                           5.6.12                                                           5.7.12                             
morning after the party, mimosa breakfast         Post job interview (that I scored!) and look who
             w/a friend and the Oz man                  I bumped into at Joann's, Miz Oonaballoona 
                       first Sorbetto                             (who is the sweetest, btw, I chatted her ear off!) 
                                                                                           Lace Renfrew and Black Maxi again         

hmmm, dunno the date or what I was up to...but
first jersey dress I made last year after getting back into sewing clothes
it's just a big rectangle w/sides and shoulders sewn!

So, yeah.  I managed to take 5 pictures, and missed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th right out of the gate, haha, that's pretty sucky.  Oh well!  I'm not beating myself up about it, it was for fun.  And, the point for me, was to learn about my wardrobe.  Which I did- I need more of everything! Interestingly, i figured out, I think I have broad shoulders, most all my shirts feel tight across the back.  Must work that into my fittings.

I have gotten one sewing project done during this job, and it was an unselfish act-sewing for my favorite doggie.  I made him a new bed :-)  His old store bought one was beyond done.  Ignore his moody face, he really does like it.

The cover gray duckcloth and black piping.  The inside is just muslin with some stuffing.  And I did a super simple envelope style for ease when washing it.  Sorry about the wrinkly pic above, I had to kick him off it to snap a quick pic!

And this is what's kept me away from my sewing machine...worky work, work!  This is in Colorado, where it felt like I was in the Sound of Music, haha.  If you squint, you can see a snow covered mountain in the background.  Yeah, I did twirl like in the movie.

I'm starting a series of fun work pictures, examples of my outdoor offices


Oregon coast


And of course it hasn't been all hard work-brewery stop for some beer flights!

Monday, May 14, 2012

for meeeeee?

A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers Maider from Masustak Eguzkitan was kind enough to award me with the Versatile Blogger Award!  Then Gillian, from Crafting a Rainbow did the same.  I hope you ladies know how much it made my day!!  Y'all are the sweetest!

So, playing by the rules, here are my 7 things:

1.  I like crunchy food.  Bacon, chicken wings, the edges of pancakes, hamburger buns (done on a grill), roasted veggies.  You get the point.

2.  Lists rule my life.  I almost can't function, personal or work, without them.  Marking through a finished item gives me the utmost joy.  Maybe cause I'm a Virgo and so is my mother?

3.  My family is from Mississippi, where I was born, but I was raised in NW Florida, and now live in California.  I do love California, but really yearn for certain places and things back home. 

4.  I've got two degrees, a BA in Anthropology, and a GG-Graduate Gemologist.  Weird path I've taken, with lots of waitressing, non-profit work, jewelry business and now, oddly enough, reality television production.  I like to amuse myself with the notion that TV production is like one big cultural anthropological study.

5.  I have a teenage step-daughter.  She's funny, goofy and loves pancakes.

6.  I love any books, tv shows or movies about witches, aliens, zombies, fantasy.  Buffy, Dr. Who, Battlestar,  X-Files, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Night Circus, etc. (Please, don't even get me started about Harry Potter,  my obsession is probably not healthy for someone my age).
7.  I like to drink coffee out of little cups and tea out of big ones.

And to pass it on to 15 more blogs...I have tons on my reader (and not all sewing, shocker!), and thought I'd throw some of my favorites out there.  I really enjoy these and hope you'll check them out!

improve photography
for an online sewing community, photography is important!  and i don't think you have to have a dslr to take a decent photo.  this website has some really great photography tips, history, etc, from white balancing to posing.  and yes, a lot of it is geared at a dslr, but anyone with a camera phone to a point and shoot to a dslr can gain knowledge here!

i spy diy
A cool site for making your shoes glittery, jewelry out of everyday objects, dip dyeing clothes and SO much more.  For anyone interested in DIY fashion, a must read

the beauty department
fantastic tutorials for nails, hair, skincare and makeup

delighted momma
not really a parent heavy site (despite the name), she's an esthetician, there are GREAT skincare tips, mostly DIY!  And every once in a while, yummy recipes.

crazy sexy life
have you ever read Kris Carr's story?  it's very inspiring.  As much as I love crunchy food (see #1 above), I also aim for the uber healthy side.  Juicing, green shakes, yoga, etc.  This site has a lot of guest posts, with many personal health stories

Self love.  How many of us have struggled with that?  I still do!  A great site about acceptance-for yourself AND women of all kinds.  Watch her TED talk.  She's glitter, glam, sparkly, but at the same time, has substance and is kind to other women

i still love you
lots of refashions, DIYs, tutorials, etc.  I love her carefree style

in house patterns
there is some serious sewing information on here, good serious, technical fitting issues, and sloper making

made by rae
lots of sewing tutorials, from pockets to kiddie stuff, plus a whole section on sewing knits!

amity originals
i had the pleasure of meeting amity a couple months ago.  she's a powerhouse of a sewist!  plus, she has a dog named buffy, what's not to love?!?

sweet little chickadee
have you seen juli's cute, cute, cute skirts??  I think her use of fabric is very refreshing and suits her perfectly!

untangling knots
personally, I love knitting, too, and this lady has some gorgeous knits that she designs.  Hopefully one day my knitting will appear as effortless as hers!

mimi g
another blogger friend (amity, see above) introduced me to mimi g's blog.  She has on trend style, without seeming trendy, plus some great tutorials

lil bit and nan
a fellow Californian blogger, her style is fresh, vintage inspired.  I think this grecian inspired dress is the bees knees!

idle fancy
dresses and skirts and more dresses, so cute!  I love the materials Mary uses, like eyelet and lace

Thanks again Gillian and Maider, xoxo!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

pj party time

Whew, making it by the skin of my teeth here-it's still April 28th on the left coast!  I tried to take photos this morning before work, at 6:00 AM mind you, and needless to say, they were terrible.  Who's up that early anyway, gross.  Got home this evening and gladly put them back on for my pictures :-D

I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to participate, but sheepishly jumped in when Karen, our PJ Party Hostess, posted her giveaway, hehe.  I do really need more cute PJs after all.

A quick survey of the jammy situation made me a wee ashamed:

-yoga pants, cut off and paint stained (on the bum, no less!)
-flannel skully pants-a definite favorite, but flannel, not appropriate for coming summer
-2 pairs of Madeline bloomers-cute, husband loves them, but sometimes leave me feeling a little exposed when just chillin, not to mention, I can't go fetch the laundry out back in them
-and finally, the sad, stretched out t-shirt nightgown.  It's on the frumpy side.

New Look 6139 was employed as a base and altered quite a bit, as the crotch length was massive, and the ease ridiculous.  I can't be bothered turning fabric inside out for a drawstring, so I switched the waist to elastic.

I originally bought this fabric for a Violet blouse.  It felt soft and drapey at the store, but after washing just feels like quilting cotton.  I guess it was that chemical stuff that's put on fabric?  Not to mention, as much as I love this color, I don't think it looks good with my complexion.  But perfect for the PJs.  Only having 2 yards, not quite enough to make a full pair of pants, I improvised.  SO, don't tell the sewing police, but I cut them on the cross grain!  And had just enough, with spare scraps.

 what's happening with my arm here?

I thought of putting in pockets, but that's as far as it went-just too lazy.  However, piping is easy and aqua and red is such a splendid combo!

too lazy to change my thread, too!

To tell the front from the back, I attached a wee bow

Now, I love that Karen asked for our current read, cause aside from the pretty jammies, it's such good stalking material, no?

In the traditional sense of reading, by my nightstand I've got Confederacy of Dunces and a Bust magazine.  However, I'm currently smitten with audio books.  It's wonderful to listen to a story and be able to do other stuff at the same time.  Right now I'm listening to 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami.  This is my third Murakami book and my crush continues.  The stories are fantastical, the characters real and flawed, and all delicately woven together.  They make me want to study obscure Japanese/Chinese history and places.  This book, while slow to me at first, has now got me in it's clutches.  (However, my favorite is without a doubt "Wind Up Bird Chronicle"-go get it now!)

Friday, April 20, 2012

puff puff green, y'all

Sleeves, puff sleeves.  And green dye, geez.

I know what day it is, ahem, but all I'm offering here is my gussied up, green, puff-sleeve Violet


A couple things:  dye, sleeves and making it fitted

First, let me ask you something...Have you ever tried to find this color green at stores or online, in a natural fiber?  Cause it's nearly impossible.  I consider this (and slightly deeper emerald) the perfect shades of green, my absolute favorite color.  But it alludes me.  Why oh why are you so hard to find in a nice, natural fiber with good drape?

So, a dye it is.  First I tried iDye in Emerald, curious about this brand, having never used it before.

Now, I've had bad luck at stove top dyeing in the past, so I tried the machine and followed the packets advice.  Unfortunately, I had two yards of fabric and realized after the dyeing/washing that I should've used more than one packet.  It just wasn't enough to dye that amount of fabric.  It turned out lime green.

Soldiering on, I bought Tulip Brand in Green

I tackled the stove top method again, brought the water to almost boiling (hotter the water, darker the shade), used 3 packages of this stuff and followed the directions religiously. I really like the color, but wish it was just a smidge darker.  I've heard if you let the fabric dry overnight before rinsing clear, that it will set better.  I'll let you know when I do it again :-)

Onto the sleeves, I've decided I want a closet full of puff sleeves, so after my muslin, I chopped up the pattern, again using this tutorial

From the looks of it, seems like my fabric is a little too thin to really puff up.  The potential is there, they are just lazy little gathers aren't they?  Isn't there a trick to make fabric stand up in the shoulders, using twill tape, or something like that?  Must research. 

Finally, when I wore this on our holiday, I of course had my husband take photos.  In every.single.picture I looked pregnant.  And I'm not pregnant.  I think this fabric is just more flowly than the muslin one, not sure why this one made me look preggers and the other one not. 

So, had to take it in.  I probably did not do it correctly, but just a little pinch and pin, then turned those into darts, in the front and the back. 

 you can see where i started pinning, but moved it closer to the seams

looks a little better, but methinks I've got a sway back going on

What I've learned/will do next time:

1.  Practice gathering-I don't think the sleeve gathers are very even
2.  Remove the gathers from the back yoke and do the sway back adjustment
3.  Try my hand at moving the front darts and turning them into princess seams (maybe will help make more fitted?)
4.  Figure out sleeve head, standing up thingy

Also, if you have any advice on where to buy natural fiber green fabric, I'm all ears!

And, I just couldn't resist this...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the violet muslin

Jumping on the Violet bandwagon.  I really loved this blouse when I first set eyes on it.  A simple button up with the cutest peter pan collar, yes, please!

I started with a muslin for the shirt.  I've had this fabric for god knows how long, since I lived in Florida, which was probably 10 years ago.  I remember buying it for a 50's style dress that I cut out part of it out and never sewed (meh).  But, I bought like, 5 yards of the fabric.  Geez, beginner's mistake?  Since that initial purchase, I've used the fabric to make a pair of madeline bloomers and a pair of pj pants for my mom, now this muslin, and still have lots of the fabric leftover.

I used some pink buttons I had in my stash, but only had 6, so *still* need to sew a hook and eye on the top.  The thing is, muslin or not, I actually really like the top, so into the suitcase it went for my vacay...

on top of table mountain, cape town

my husband thinks this is dorky, whatevs, i just wanted to say hi

Earlier in the day, we went for a second round of fabric shopping.  By "we", I mean my husband was kind enough to oblige, hehe.  He's good like that.  We went to Fabric City, on a recommendation from Another Sewing Scientist.

While in there, one of the employees commented that she liked my shirt.  Now, Sue recently had a discussion about this exact situation.  Do you proudly blurt "I MADE IT" or kindly take a compliment and leave it at that?  I usually get all weird and shy if I tell someone I made something (cause most people are shocked, no?), but it shouldn't have mattered since we were in a fabric storeBut, I said thank you, with no admissions-and then my husband blurts out "SHE MADE IT".  Hahahahahaha, I love him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

switching it up a bit: food

Besides sewing, food and recipes are another obsession.  I found this recipe in a bon appetit or gourmet magazine sometime last year, not certain.  It has become my staple party dish, and also when I'm not wanting a heavy meal, I whip this up and dig in.  The real flavor comes the next day, after it's marinated in the fridge overnight.  I can crack out on this stuff!

The beauty of this recipe, is that's is loose.  There's no strict measurement required.  Want to feed more people?  Add more beans, adjust the rest accordingly.  For me, if I'm dining a la mode (god, i crack myself up) I use 2 cans of beans, which affords me some tasty leftovers for snackin.

Garbanzo Bean Salad

2 cans garbanzo beans (this is where real measurements end
everything else to taste)

fresh grated parmesan 
drizzle of olive oil
fresh chopped basil 
apple cider vinegar 
salt and pepper

The original recipe called for fresh squeezed lemon instead of apple cider vinegar, but I found it didn't have enough oomph for me.  I'm sure if I had added some lemon zest as well, it'd be delish, but seeing as I always have apple cider vinegar, and not always lemon on hand, I go with what I've got.  If I have garlic, I'll add a clove of that too!  Even an infused olive oil would be great, like a lemon olive oil, mmm!

The article (I wish I could find it, I would love to credit the right person) stated something that has stuck with me since:  your dish is only as good as your least quality ingredient (or something like that).  Basically, if you buy crap parmesan, your dish will taste like it.  If you buy crap beans, you'll notice.  Essentially-buy fresh parmesan and grate it.  Buy fresh basil and chop it.  Use quality olive oil and beans.  Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.

The simplicity of GOOD ingredients really stands out here.  Nom nom, enjoy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a renfrew parade

About a year ago, I started sewing clothing again, and my first item was a long, maxi knit dress, basically a rectangle with neck and arm holes, that I belt.  I still wear it, just choosing to not look closely at the construction.  After the renfrew came out, I figured it was a good lead into a proper knit make and promptly ordered it.

I have some heavy, green knit, that is kinda blah to me, perfect for a wearable muslin.  I cut a size 2, for a little negative ease. I really like how it came out, it's comfy, even with my slightly off V-neck, whoops. 

note:  hands look big compared to your head

Now, if you notice, it's pretty loose.  I guess this is where different types of knits work different ways, cause my next two renfrews are TIGHT.  I don't mind the tightness all over, just not in the pit region...

I was trying to do a boat neck sorta thing on this black/white stripe, but didn't move the neck toward the shoulders like I should have.  I've since got the Sew U Home Stretch, Built by Wendy book by Wendy Mullins for sewing knits.  I know where I went wrong now.  But, I do like it anyway.

My only gripe with this version, is it's really tight under the arms.  The muslin doesn't feel that way.  Same size cut.  Just an illustration of how different knits can sew up differently I guess.

what? tight pits? no, not bothering me at all.  well, maybe just a little.

An example of my amazing product shots in South Africa:

 I may have been drinking.  I may have demanded my husband take a photo, then broken into a run.  He may be shaking his head.

Of course I didn't realize how tight the underarms were, just plowing ahead with the next shirt!  
I've had this lil cutie on my pinterest sewing board for a while.  I love the white lace overlay, thought it'd work as a knit top. 

Again, I was hoping for some epic clothing/scenery shots in South Africa, unfortunately this day it was really, really windy.

trying not to get blown away

So, more pictures at home.

whew, back with my other love

The overlay part was really easy, but doh, forgot to take pics of that!  I used a stretch lace, cut it out exactly like the white knit underneath, and machine basted the pieces together.  Then treated them each as one piece throughout construction.

 oh hi, puff

I looooove me some puff sleeves, that's ok for a 35 year old woman, right?  I'd never altered a sleeve like that before and it was really easy.

I used this tutorial found here

What I've learned:

1.  Different knits behave differently
2.  After sewing up the last two renfrews, I've come to the conclusion that lowering armholes is probably one of the adjustments I have to make on certain patterns.  I've lowered the armhole on my sorbetto pattern, as well, leading me to that conclusion.
3.  I like sewing with knits, it just takes some patience. 
4.  Matching smaller stripes, like the above renfrew, is a pain in the arse.  I had to pin every other stripe and kept double checking that everything was still lined up.  (Tasia talks stripes tips here)
5.  Double check that everything fits well before getting serger happy with your seam allowances!

Friday, April 13, 2012

fabric de africa

It's only ironic that while it rains here in California, I'm feeling under the weather.  Not sure if it's leftover travel ickiness or not.  But, since my vacation me-made pictures are more funny than informative, I need to take more pictures here at the house, and I don't feel like getting gussied up right now.

But moving on, I do have fabric pics!  I must send a big thank you to Another Sewing Scientist for pointing me in the right direction in Cape Town.  And go check out her newest creation, and how much she loooooves Cape Town!! 

First stop was Focus Fabrics, in the Woodstock area.

I picked up 2 meters of each of these:

cotton? kinda feels like a lawn



My total for this purchase was 206 Rand, about $25 US, woop woop!  And for those of us in the US, which refuses to use the metric system, a meter equals just a little over a yard.  (WHY oh why, do we not convert to metric?? Seriously-it makes sense!)

Anywho, the next day, I went back for more, hitting up Fabric City, just down the street.  This time, my haul was again, 2 meters of each:

wax print (made in India, haha)



oh, and look, it's double sided, score! 
 more shweshwe

close up

and the reverse!  I really love this.
pretty cool, huh?

I lost my receipt for fabric city, but I remember it being around 240 Rand, around $30 US.  All in all,  a little over $50 US for 12 yards of fabric between both stores.  Not bad!

And the fabric shweshwe has an interesting history, I had never heard of it before.  Check it out here.  I love that's it's called "shweshwe" because of the sound it makes when walking!

I've been stalking this blog, She wears shweshwe, where she photos women in Africa wearing shweshwe designs.  Check it out if you have a minute.  It's cool cause she doesn't sneak the photos, but engages and even mails pictures back to them when possible.

And if you're still curious about shweshwe (i'm in a wee obsession right now), google Bongiwe Walaza, a South African designer.  Her clothing is stunning:

Now I'm off to drink some tea and plot my fabric plans.