Sunday, January 29, 2012

counting down the days

Hi all!  I've been lost in work and travel since the holidays and still going.  I'm on the last leg of my job and, as grateful as I am to have work, I'm ready to be home for a bit.  I want to veg on the couch, hug my dog and spend some QT with the husband!

And of course-sew!  I've been knitting while on the road, which is good, as it relaxes me.  I should have a finished project up tomorrow as well, yay!  Right now, I'm mentally rifling through my fabric stash trying to decide what to sew when I get home.  I'm thinking a circle skirt, cause I have a lovely black wool that's taking up a lot of space.  I just need a lining fabric for it.  I've never made one before, but I think I'll use Casey's tutorials from her sew along.   Seems easy enough.

Not being able to sew, I've been living vicariously through the many sewing blogs that abound, patiently waiting my turn to contribute to the blogosphere.  I've really enjoyed being a total lurker, and found some great blogs!

Special thanks go out for entertaining and inspiring me the last few months on the road:

the sometimes seamstress
I just love Kirsty's self-deprecating humor, and the recent Sencha!

Idle Fancy
Seriously cute clothes, very inspiring.  That cameo inspired dress still gets me!

Ms P
A refashioning master!  Love the less is more, and making pretty things out of uglies.

So Zo, What do you know?
May be the quickest seamstress on the face of the planet, how does she do it?  Also, love her semi-political rants about the clothing industry, definite food for thought.

By Gum By Golly
Wow, she is quite the powerhouse knitter, great vintage style and a newbie seamstress.

Did you make that?
Have you seen her recent coat?  So lovely.  And lots of Brit charm I can't get enough of :)

One of my absolute favorites for the biting humor, non-apologetic cursing, and damn cute makes!

Masustak Eguzkitan
A new find, fashionable outfits, great styling, love the glimpse into Spain!

This is by far, not a comprehensive list, just means I'm still mid-lurk, hehe!

We're wrapping up this work adventure back in Florida, where I was raised, though the other side of the state.  But, it still reminds me how much I love it here.  Not to piss anyone off that's fighting wintry weather, but it's about 70 degrees outside and blue skies, so pretty!  I'll leave you with these travel images...

 I just love old Florida, how kitschy!


  1. Welcome home !! I am so glad that you are back ! Selfishly of course so that I can see your makes ! Its good to get work, but its even better to get home and put your feet up :-) CANT wait to see some lovely makes, (so will be checking back later - ahem) and thanks so much for the mention cos I totally cant believe anyone actually reads my waffle, HA ! Gorgeous pix by the way - the last one especially is a total stunner. Just slightly jealous of the 70 degrees temperature xx

  2. Thanks for the mention Jill!!!!
    I hope, you´ve enough time next days to share your knitted project. Sometimes I feel in the same way... many stuff to sew in my mind and not enough time... family, friends, job.
    Welcome!!! I´ll see you in the blogosphere!!!
    Maider x

  3. @Karen, meant every word :)

    @Kirsty, almost back home-one week, and I cannot wait! And I sincerely love your blog, and feel the same way about mine-someone reads my ramblings?!? Mmmm, ok then!

    @Maider, yep, just posted my knitting project, whew. Yes, our lives really take up a lot of our sewing time don't they?