Monday, February 27, 2012

getting organized

The spring cleaning continues!  Normally, I'm too OCD to concentrate on creative projects if the space around me is messy...but I've let my sewing storage slide for much too long.  After organizing and cataloging all my fabric, I tackled the counter space as well.  The entire area isn't done yet, but I'm feeling pretty happy about what I've accomplished so far, patting myself on the back :)



(how in the hell did I let that happen??) 

actual yardage on the left, big scraps on the right

smaller scraps, organized by color, and into baggies
inside a hat box

 needles organized by weight/fabric and
presser feet

I've also tallied up my yardage and excluding muslin, interfacing and scraps, I've accumulated approximately 73 yards of fabric!  It's not all apparel fabric, lots of quilting cotton in that stash, most I've had for years.  In addition to all that yardage, I have 14 refashion projects on the back burner, both thrift clothes and alterations.

Next, tackling the drawers, lots of button, zips and binding that need sorting.  But for now, I can actually maneuver the space without getting aggravated :) 


p.s. Don't forget to enter the giveaway so I can make space for more fabric, ha!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

first giveaway!

In my own celebration for being back home, and my February spring cleaning, I am going to be doing some giveaways.  I got home a little too late to properly take part in the Sew Grateful giveaways, hosted by Debi at My Happy Sewing Place, but better late than never!

First up, is a book I've come by, but feel is outside of my current interests, the lovely Super-Cute Felt by Laura Howard

There are 35 projects in the book, covering the categories Accessories, Gifts, Homewares and Celebrations.  True to the title, these are really SUPER CUTE!!

This giveaway is open until Wednesday, February 29th, Midnight, Pacific time.  I will ship to the world at large :)

Just comment on this post to win!

Friday, February 24, 2012

it's what on the inside that counts

Woah, it's been a while since I finished a sewing project!  But I'm firmly ensconced back home with my machine :-)  It took me a bit to get back to sewing, as I had the usual errands and household stuff to do.  But then I got down to business-and now there's fabric and sewing notions all over the living room, hehe.

Included in my apartment deep cleaning, I've organized (mostly) all my fabric and cleaned out my closet.  I went through all my clothes and donated everything I haven't worn in a while.  It was a little sparse before, but now it's looking even more bare.

 organizing the stash

Around the holidays, I got the Colette book and having very few separates, I figured I'd tackle the Meringue.  Trying to shop from my stash, I grabbed a black denim for the main, leftover black polka dot from my bombshell dress for the scallop facings, and some blue bemberg rayon scraps for a lining.  I've come to feel like I don't like A-line skirts too much on me, so I straighten the skirt out a bit, which, yes, did mess with the scallops, but I don't care much, it's not really noticeable.

Now, I thought I'd be smart and combine the facing and lining, basically making one big lining, but in retrospect, I think the facing and lining should be two separate things.  I see I'm not the only blogger to come to this conclusion, too bad I found Scruffybadger's post after I'd already cut all my pieces!  And I didn't have enough of the rayon to make a full lining.

purty innard-my favorite part

bias binding at the waist

All in all, I like the skirt OK, it does fill a hole in my wardrobe, however, following the size chart, I cut a 6 and it's a little loose.  The denim gets weirdly wrinkly, it's probably some cheap Joann's stuff, but I love the inside, ha!  It looks pretty.

I wore the skirt yesterday, and my conclusion is, when wearing tights, I need to wear a separate slip with it, or don't wear tights at all.  Plus, I think it looks better with a tucked in skirt, though it makes my hips look a little wide, whoops.  Wearable muslin, now?  Next time I'll cut a size smaller.

In other sewing news, I went to a Colette book signing last week, where patterns were 20% off.  And if you wore an article of clothing made from one of her patterns, and extra 10% off.  Now, I'm a pattern whore, so I took myself to the event, wearing my Ginger, and picked up the Peony and Negroni.  Plus, I got my first Sewaholic pattern, the Pendrell (on the cutting table now!), and a Decades of Style blouse.

A little confession though...I'm actually kinda shy, haha, and when I saw Sarai, then Oona, and then Mena, well, I got really shy and stuck to the corner and didn't introduce myself, doh!  Talk about blogger star struck, lol.  But, the good thing that came out of that, I met two really awesome ladies, local seamsters, that I chatted with for quite a while, and going for coffee after, where the sewing talk was nonstop (geek alert)!  We are even having a fabric district meet up in a week, sweet!

And now, on to the Pendrell...

 Pendrell fabric-upcycle from a rayon dress

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FO knitting

I did finish my knitting project the other night, but, I just didn't get around to taking photos.  I don't love the pictures I ended up taking, but hey, I can only do so much with the yellow hotel lighting!  ONE WEEK LEFT, lol.

This project is my 22.5 Degree Scarf found here on Ravelry.  This is the third time I've made it, but the first time I've done the cute little scallops-and I love them!  The thing is, this thing is done in garter stitch and it starts really quickly, and you're like "ohhhh, wow, this is gonna fly by, i love this lil 'ol scarf" and takes freaking forever.  But it's cool, cause it's done now and I love it!  And a note, if you want to do the scallops, don't use the Ravelry link to the video cause it doesn't work.  Here's the correct one:  video!


I've been wanting/needing a black scarf and actually knit one up using a lace pattern from a knitting book I have.  Buuuut, I'm really not a prolific knitter, and the edges were SO curled up, even after 2 blockings, it just pissed me off.  Frog city.  I decided to stray from the normal, long rectangular scarf and knit this pattern again and really glad I did!

 terrible pic, but can see how long it is on double bed

I used 3 balls of Trendsetter Yarns Merino VI.  I adore this yarn, it's soft, super squishy and soooo warm.  Highly recommend.  Seriously, I want to live in this stuff.

All in all, great mindless project.  If you know how to cast on, M1, yarn over, and cast off, you can do it.