Friday, February 24, 2012

it's what on the inside that counts

Woah, it's been a while since I finished a sewing project!  But I'm firmly ensconced back home with my machine :-)  It took me a bit to get back to sewing, as I had the usual errands and household stuff to do.  But then I got down to business-and now there's fabric and sewing notions all over the living room, hehe.

Included in my apartment deep cleaning, I've organized (mostly) all my fabric and cleaned out my closet.  I went through all my clothes and donated everything I haven't worn in a while.  It was a little sparse before, but now it's looking even more bare.

 organizing the stash

Around the holidays, I got the Colette book and having very few separates, I figured I'd tackle the Meringue.  Trying to shop from my stash, I grabbed a black denim for the main, leftover black polka dot from my bombshell dress for the scallop facings, and some blue bemberg rayon scraps for a lining.  I've come to feel like I don't like A-line skirts too much on me, so I straighten the skirt out a bit, which, yes, did mess with the scallops, but I don't care much, it's not really noticeable.

Now, I thought I'd be smart and combine the facing and lining, basically making one big lining, but in retrospect, I think the facing and lining should be two separate things.  I see I'm not the only blogger to come to this conclusion, too bad I found Scruffybadger's post after I'd already cut all my pieces!  And I didn't have enough of the rayon to make a full lining.

purty innard-my favorite part

bias binding at the waist

All in all, I like the skirt OK, it does fill a hole in my wardrobe, however, following the size chart, I cut a 6 and it's a little loose.  The denim gets weirdly wrinkly, it's probably some cheap Joann's stuff, but I love the inside, ha!  It looks pretty.

I wore the skirt yesterday, and my conclusion is, when wearing tights, I need to wear a separate slip with it, or don't wear tights at all.  Plus, I think it looks better with a tucked in skirt, though it makes my hips look a little wide, whoops.  Wearable muslin, now?  Next time I'll cut a size smaller.

In other sewing news, I went to a Colette book signing last week, where patterns were 20% off.  And if you wore an article of clothing made from one of her patterns, and extra 10% off.  Now, I'm a pattern whore, so I took myself to the event, wearing my Ginger, and picked up the Peony and Negroni.  Plus, I got my first Sewaholic pattern, the Pendrell (on the cutting table now!), and a Decades of Style blouse.

A little confession though...I'm actually kinda shy, haha, and when I saw Sarai, then Oona, and then Mena, well, I got really shy and stuck to the corner and didn't introduce myself, doh!  Talk about blogger star struck, lol.  But, the good thing that came out of that, I met two really awesome ladies, local seamsters, that I chatted with for quite a while, and going for coffee after, where the sewing talk was nonstop (geek alert)!  We are even having a fabric district meet up in a week, sweet!

And now, on to the Pendrell...

 Pendrell fabric-upcycle from a rayon dress


  1. I am soooo jealous of your Collette sighting!!! And I would have no objections if you wanted to share the Peony pattern with me ;)

  2. Hehe ;) Maybe one day, I haven't even opened the pattern yet! But...I came to the conclusion I don't really like A-line skirts that much, I may be willing to part with my Ginger...

  3. Well, I just happen to LOVE a line skirts!!!

  4. Tell me how much and I will buy it from you

  5. I'll just send it to ya, no worries. It's uncut. I think I like shorter A-lines, I just don't feel as comfortable in the longer ones like this.

  6. You are so cute! I love this whole look!