Monday, March 12, 2012

fabric district adventure

Yesterday, I met up with a few fellow seamstresses to shop the LA fabric district.  Two of the lovely ladies I met at the Colette shindig a couple weeks ago, Sandra and Nhi, and another gal, a fellow blogger, Amity.  I met them at 9:45 AM, and we didn't stop until 4:00!  By the end of the day, we were seriously worn out!!

We started out at "The Loft", the discount part of Michael Levine.  Michael Levine is really 3 different stores, one is for apparel, across the street is the home dec, and above that "the loft".  The loft is filled with bins and bins, overflowing with the discount fabric, priced at $2.50/pound!  You really have to be in the mood to dig, and there's really no telling what you'll find.  I've walked away empty handed before, but yesterday I scored a couple great pieces of fabric.

   the loft

I tried to shop with specific items in mind, but I'll take what I can get at the loft!  Here's my stash from there:

top left:                                                                
black/white striped stable knit                              
1.5 yards/60" wide    
thinking a renfrew, maybe with a boat neck...

top right:   
black sheer lawn              
2.44 yards/60" wide                           
bottom left:                                                         
yellow slinky (did a burn test, think it's silk!)     
2.83 yards/44" wide                                          

bottom right:
black/white striped silky (burn test looks like a man made something or other)
2 yards/60" wide

The total cost for all that?  $6.50!!!

After that we headed across the street to the apparel Michael Levines.  I had some very specific things in mind to purchase:

top left and right:  
stretch lace and jersey-planning to make a white renfrew with a lace overlay and tiny peter pan collar

bottom left:
bemberg rayon-gonna make a slip

bottom right:
dotted swiss-not gonna be white for long! think an emerald green violet blouse...

After lunch, and some serious browsing at other shops, Sandra led us to this amazing trim shop, Target Trim, on the edges of the district.  I'd never been there before, but it was fantastic!

They are rows and rows, and shelf after shelf of trim of every imaginable kind.  Blew my mind.

 just a few aisles

look at all that foldover elastic!  all those colors!

Last but not least of my purchases, for a (as of now) secret project going on, some nice lightweight denim:

It was a blast shopping with these ladies!  It's funny, cause we really didn't know each other well, but there was no lull in conversation, and we learned so much from each other.  There's definitely another meetup in the future.

me, Amity, Sandra, Nhi

As of now, I've got all my fabrics washed and logged, tomorrow, I'm getting down to business-cutting!


  1. WOW!!! Great place to find fabrics! Near here we don´t have any fabric district, what a pity!
    It´s great when you meet people with your same likes!

  2. This is awesome! You found some really great stuff and that trim shop looks amazing. I don't really have a fabric district in my area, so I'm jealous of you for you got to meet up with fellow sewing bloggers! No fair! I'd love to be able to turn my online sewing friends in to real-life ones. (that's not creepy, right?) :)

  3. Yes, it's nice to have the resources here! I know not everyone has the luxury we do, so I try to be very appreciative of what we have.
    @Sue-not creepy at all, hahaha!

  4. Jealous!!!! I want to go with you guys when you do your next meet up!

  5. @Miss crayola creepy-Absolutely! We're talking about having a sewing day in Mid-May if you want to join!

  6. I am sooooo jealous.
    I mught have to make a special trip out there to join one of your meet-ups!

  7. Leah, the door is always open!! Just tell Brian you can write it off your taxes for your etsy business, ha!