Saturday, March 3, 2012

finished pendrell

I was determined to finish my first Pendrell a couple days ago, and I did it!  I stayed up pretty late finishing, but I blame Dr. Who for distracting me.  I made Version B, kinda.

I took a thrift store dress I scored for about $2, ripped it all apart and made the pendrell out of it.  Initially, I was just going to refashion the dress, but in the end decided to farm the fabric instead.  It's 100% rayon, and really drapey.

before-very little house on the praire

tiny flowers

I used every available inch of this fabric!  All the panels came out of the skirt-barely.  And the sleeves for...sleeves.  I fancy myself pretty clever, too, cause I used the actual hem of the skirt as the hem of the shirt-woohoo!  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough fabric to make the top ruffle on the sleeves, and I didn't want a tank top, so I made B, sans ruffle. 

I know the shirt is supposed to be drapey and have a lot of ease, but I didn't care for the way it looked after I was done.  So, I took it in about an inch total on each side.  I swear I took my measurements correctly, but next time I'll go down a size.

My dear husband got me a serger 3 years ago, and after some initial playing around with it, I put it away, where it's been gathering dust.  It just scared me.  After telling this to Nhi, one of the ladies I met at the Colette event a few weeks back, she told me I was being silly.  She's very matter of fact and ordered me to go right home, dust it off and use it!  My husband thanks her, ha!  So I did just that, and I'm so glad I did.  I read through the manual, watched the DVD, watched a bunch of youtube videos, and practiced on scraps.  And, then I DID IT!  The knife on it still scares me, but surprisingly, the threading and tension wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I finished all my seams with it.  Now, what do you do with the ends??


-cut a size 8
(was a bit too loose, so ended up taking 1" off each side (next time, a size smaller)
-took 5 inches off the bottom 
(which eliminated the need to take in the hips, since it's a pattern for pear shapes)
-one ruffle vs. double ruffle

This particular shirt included a couple firsts for me:

1. This was my first Sewaholic pattern, and it was a breeze to sew up.  I'm really late on the pendrell pattern, lots of other bloggers have said the same thing, but I'm happy to concur.   

2. Never sewn princess seams before-that was easy!

3. Serger!! 

I'm really happy to be adding another wearable garment to my puny wardrobe :)


  1. This is a fabulous win. New skills...check! Serger...check! Bargain fabric...check! Cute new top...check!

  2. Looks great! I think it's awesome that you made this shirt from a thrift store find. I've played around with refashioning cheap finds, but haven't come up with anything I'm really proud of yet. Also, I haven't tried the pendrell yet either, but now I want to!

  3. Oh excellent! I'm late to the Pendrell game too - Hoping to make my first one this month! I'm really impressed that you made it all from a second-hand dress!

  4. Ladies-thank you so much! I saw all these comments not long after waking up, and it really made my day!

  5. Great job Jill!!!! I like this kind of project, reuse and rethink. Your seams look very professional, my sewing machine can´t sew like that...snif snif...

    1. Thanks :) My sewing machine can't do those seams either, I finally broke out my serger, woohoo!!