Wednesday, April 18, 2012

switching it up a bit: food

Besides sewing, food and recipes are another obsession.  I found this recipe in a bon appetit or gourmet magazine sometime last year, not certain.  It has become my staple party dish, and also when I'm not wanting a heavy meal, I whip this up and dig in.  The real flavor comes the next day, after it's marinated in the fridge overnight.  I can crack out on this stuff!

The beauty of this recipe, is that's is loose.  There's no strict measurement required.  Want to feed more people?  Add more beans, adjust the rest accordingly.  For me, if I'm dining a la mode (god, i crack myself up) I use 2 cans of beans, which affords me some tasty leftovers for snackin.

Garbanzo Bean Salad

2 cans garbanzo beans (this is where real measurements end
everything else to taste)

fresh grated parmesan 
drizzle of olive oil
fresh chopped basil 
apple cider vinegar 
salt and pepper

The original recipe called for fresh squeezed lemon instead of apple cider vinegar, but I found it didn't have enough oomph for me.  I'm sure if I had added some lemon zest as well, it'd be delish, but seeing as I always have apple cider vinegar, and not always lemon on hand, I go with what I've got.  If I have garlic, I'll add a clove of that too!  Even an infused olive oil would be great, like a lemon olive oil, mmm!

The article (I wish I could find it, I would love to credit the right person) stated something that has stuck with me since:  your dish is only as good as your least quality ingredient (or something like that).  Basically, if you buy crap parmesan, your dish will taste like it.  If you buy crap beans, you'll notice.  Essentially-buy fresh parmesan and grate it.  Buy fresh basil and chop it.  Use quality olive oil and beans.  Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.

The simplicity of GOOD ingredients really stands out here.  Nom nom, enjoy!


  1. That looks amazing and sounds easy to make! Plus I have almost everything in my kitchen :)

  2. Ladies, it is amazing! @miss crayola creepy-that's one of the things I love about it, I usually have all the ingredients, minus fresh basil. I normally buy a huge chunk of parmesan, grate the whole thing and put it in the fridge, I use a lot of it! If I know I'm not using it for a while, I'll throw it in the freezer, keeps great.