Friday, July 27, 2012


I almost forgot my own blog anniversary, whoops!  It was actually two days ago, and I started this post  before, hoping to make the date, but just couldn't make the deadline.

One year ago, I started this wee blog to do a sew along with some friends of mine that wanted to venture more into garment sewing.  The thought was to do a sew along on the Sorbetto, then do more sew alongs, gradually moving into more difficult projects.  I imagined doing one once a month, HAHAHA!  That very first (and so far only) sew along taught me how much work goes into putting one together.  So.much.time.  Needless to say, I might be a little too lazy busy to do something like that.  I never changed the name of the blog, and as obnoxious as it might seem, I'm keeping The Sew Alongs, for now...

my sew along sorbettto

Last spring I was in a little bit of a funk.  My husband was out of town a lot, I wasn't working much, we had moved to a new part of town, away from most of my friends-I was a little depressed.  But, I started feeling the urge to create again.   I dug through some fabric I had stashed and found a purple jersey, and just went for it, making a long rectangle dress, belting it. It wasn't much, but it pushed me to make more (and we do not want to look closely at those seams).  Then I started researching techniques online and stumbled across the sewing blog community.  I was pretty astounded.  I spent hours stalking through the usual subjects, like Gertie and Casey, and I felt really inspired.  Eventually, an idea to do a sew along took hold and I just decided to dip my toe in the blogging world and see what happened.  I'm so glad I did!  I've met some of the most wonderful, creative people both online and in "real" life through sewing this past year and now I can't imagine not keeping up with everyone's adventures.

I've been a bit absent for the past couple months due to a lot of work, buying a house (fingers crossed), traveling for work and family, etc, etc.  BUT, I do have a couple new projects I need to blog about, so keep checking back, and I'll keep stalking everyone's else's space!

In the meantime, please check out an organization a good friend and fellow seamstress is involved in.  Called Hollywood HEART, an annual summer camp for kids affected with HIV/AIDS.

My friend is the sewing instructor for the 3rd year now.  She teaches a group of kids mostly how to alter thrifted clothing, making their own.  At the end of the week they put on a fashion show. How cool is that??  Like most non-profits, they are always needing funds to continue.  My friend has graciously agreed to a little interview, so keep a lookout for that shortly.

If you have a minute, and some spare cash, nothing is too little, please consider donating to this wonderful cause.

Thank you!!!


  1. Congratulations for your anniversary!!!
    It´s nice to hear about you. I started my blog when I was feeling sad and tired about many aspects of my life. Sewing and writing, give me positive energy, it´s great to be part of this incredible blogosphere.
    Thanks for sharing the Hollywood Heart initiative is so nice!

  2. Happy blogiversary! I stared my blog for similar reasons as you and Maider - bored, new town, short on work and friends, and wondering how to motivate myself!

  3. Happy blogiversary! Thanks for sharing about Hollywood Heart-- what a great organization!

  4. I love how sewing and crafts can pull us out of a funk! Thanks everybody!!