Thursday, July 5, 2012

it's been a loooong time

Hey y'all, long time no talk!!  Life's gotten busy the last couple months and blogging had to take a back burner.  Doesn't mean I haven't been on the sidelines lurking everyone's blogs though, cuz I have!!

Here's my attempt at catching up with everyone.  Warning:  Picture heavy post!

Me Made May '12

Wow.  What a complete fail on my part.  Something I knew about myself, but was made glaringly clear during May-I hate taking pictures of myself.  The first couple days started off ok, being I was at work or hanging out with friends and had them snap a pic.  I adhered to wearing me made items for about the first 2 weeks of May, thinking "oh, I'll just have a long photo session and take all the outfit pics at once".  Of course I would've fully disclosed that process as well ;-)  But that never happened, then I got another job.  One that involves a lot of traveling and working outdoors anywhere from 12-16 hours a day.  There's lots of sweat involved and I don't want to ruin my handmade stuff, so, I guess I opted out of MMM '12.

Here's how far I got...

                             5.1.12                                                          5.5.12
                    random work shot                                    at a friend's birthday celebration, 
                  white lace renfrew                                sancho was a naughty, naughty pinata
                                                                     black maxi skirt, not blogged

                           5.6.12                                                           5.7.12                             
morning after the party, mimosa breakfast         Post job interview (that I scored!) and look who
             w/a friend and the Oz man                  I bumped into at Joann's, Miz Oonaballoona 
                       first Sorbetto                             (who is the sweetest, btw, I chatted her ear off!) 
                                                                                           Lace Renfrew and Black Maxi again         

hmmm, dunno the date or what I was up to...but
first jersey dress I made last year after getting back into sewing clothes
it's just a big rectangle w/sides and shoulders sewn!

So, yeah.  I managed to take 5 pictures, and missed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th right out of the gate, haha, that's pretty sucky.  Oh well!  I'm not beating myself up about it, it was for fun.  And, the point for me, was to learn about my wardrobe.  Which I did- I need more of everything! Interestingly, i figured out, I think I have broad shoulders, most all my shirts feel tight across the back.  Must work that into my fittings.

I have gotten one sewing project done during this job, and it was an unselfish act-sewing for my favorite doggie.  I made him a new bed :-)  His old store bought one was beyond done.  Ignore his moody face, he really does like it.

The cover gray duckcloth and black piping.  The inside is just muslin with some stuffing.  And I did a super simple envelope style for ease when washing it.  Sorry about the wrinkly pic above, I had to kick him off it to snap a quick pic!

And this is what's kept me away from my sewing machine...worky work, work!  This is in Colorado, where it felt like I was in the Sound of Music, haha.  If you squint, you can see a snow covered mountain in the background.  Yeah, I did twirl like in the movie.

I'm starting a series of fun work pictures, examples of my outdoor offices


Oregon coast


And of course it hasn't been all hard work-brewery stop for some beer flights!


  1. What a sweet pup! Welcome back and congrats on the new job! :)

  2. Congratulations on the job! I hope it continues to be awesome!

  3. Yay, hope your job goes well (and you still have time for sewing)! Your travels look so exciting!