Wednesday, August 15, 2012

it's that time...

we're closing on our house this week!!
(and i'm stoked to never have to look at this ugly floor again!)

I do have a WIP, and hopefully, between packing and moving, I can get it finished.  It's a dress with one of my fabrics from South Africa, woohoo!

And I have three FOs that so far, I've been too lazy to photograph.  Is it just me or is taking pictures the most difficult part of blogging? 


  1. Moving completely sucks, but this one is very very exciting! Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

  2. It is, and I can't wait to have y'all over!!

  3. Good luck with the move! Taking photos is definitely the hardest part of blogging!

  4. What ugly floor??? I must have been distracted by the fabric.

  5. Looks like 2 boxes of fun!!! Fabric, fabric, fabric - forget the floor. As for the photos, it really is the worst part of blogging - correct angle, correct light, correct accessories....harder than the sewing...