Thursday, April 25, 2013

be nice

A few people that follow me on Instagram have already seen this in progress, but now it's all done!  I'm attempting to make a collage of embroidered pieces for the baby room wall that say "Be Nice".  The story starts with my Father-in-Law.  

in progress (sorry for the crap iphone photo)

He might be one of the kindest, most caring individuals I've ever met in my life, and I consider myself so very lucky that we are family.  Growing up, my husband and his two siblings would always hear him say "Be nice", but in a particular way, that comes out sounding like Be Niiiiiiiiiiice, Be Niiiiiiiiiiice, hehe.  All of us say it now whenever someone is acting silly or jerky, and then we chuckle.  But the truth is, it still rings in our heads.

father-in-law and husband

It's the simplest of concepts, yet so difficult to remember at times when we're frustrated, angry or sad.  If only the world could just "be nice" we'd all be in a better place, no?  Maybe, if everyday, we remind ourselves to be a little nicer to others, even when they are not, we can exact a tiny change.  It's certainly something I want to impress on my unborn son.

The embroidery...Anyone who is familiar with current trends in embroidery knows of Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart.  I got a slew of patterns about 7-8 years ago, went on a mini-embroidery kick, then promptly dropped the habit.  I dug through my patterns recently, cause us crafty people can't throw anything away, right?  and pounced on this heart/sword/banner combo.  I think the design came from the old " Tattoo Your Towels" collection.  It looks as if she's updated that collection available here.

around the "gem", backstitch, filled with satin stitch

Let this be a warning:  if you've had some of these patterns for as long as I have, they may not work very well.  She uses a special type of ink that allows multiple transfers.  My first fabric was white, and during the iron on process, in which the hottest iron temp is recommended, my fabric turned yellow from the part under the paper.  The fabric clear of the paper was fine.  It did make a light transfer, but the fabric was ruined.

stem stitch

I switched to the red fabric, and the transfer didn't work anymore.  I had to put the pattern under the fabric and trace it.  Thank goodness I had chosen a cheap, thin quilting fabric!  To beef it up I sandwiched double sided stabilizer in between the top layer, and added another layer of red fabric, making it nice and stable to avoid stretch.

I used a combo of stem stitch-on almost all the outlines and letters.  Backstitch was only used on the outline of the gemstone.  Then I filled in the sword, gemstone and part of the hilt with satin stitch.  Normally with satin stitch, you use all 6 threads of the floss, but I found that way too thick so I used 3 threads for all the satin.  The only part I used 3 threads on was the heart.  I used a paler pink to begin with, but removed it and switched to 6 thread and a brighter pink so it would pop against the red.

I'm super thrilled with the way this turned out!  I've already started another one, and it may have guitars involved...


  1. OOohhh cute embroidery work! It´s going to be an amazing wall!
    I have enjoyed reading your post, although I can´t understand all the text, I have understood the esence.
    We have to give a try to all the people and be niiiiice!

  2. What a cool way to remind your little dude of a great sentiment! Love this project! I'm lucky enough to have really awesome in-laws, too. Isn't that the best?

    1. It is! And my MIL is super crafty on top of being the sweetest. She even taught me to knit and crochet!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Can't wait to get more done and up on the wall!