Thursday, April 18, 2013

sew u home stretch: make #1

If you sew knits or are interested in sewing them at all, you probably own or have at least heard of the Wendy Mullin (Built By Wendy patterns) book Sew U Home Stretch

I bought this book last year sometime and just got around to cracking it open in the last couple months.  I love it!  There are 3 base patterns, and instructions on how to alter those patterns to create 21 patterns in all.  For example, the crew top, one alteration shows you how to turn it into a boatneck by adding and subtracting from the pattern in certain places.  I for one, am one of those people that need very specific instructions to accomplish this, at least the first go round! 

Because of my impending need of stretchy clothes I decided to give this book some attention recently.  The first pattern I chose to use is the "What a Waist" shirt pattern.  It features a curved hem, scoop neck and elasticized waist.  

To accommodate my growing bump, I raised the waist to just under my bustline.  Other than that, I sewed the shirt as the pattern intended.  

making sad face at all the wrinkles

The fabric is a super thin ribbed jersey.  Back in February, I met Cindy from Cation Designs downtown.  After checking out the FIDM museum (film costumes), we hit the FIDM store.  It was my first time there and I scored a bunch of knit fabrics.  It's funny, she actually mentions in this post about what we become accustomed to price wise here in LA.  Most of the fabric was $1 yard, and I started balking at the bolts marked $5.  Five dollars!  What a little snobby snob I became!  Anyway, this purple knit is from that haul.  I got 2 yards of it (60" wide), and still have a bunch left over after this shirt.

I didn't check my differential feed, I was hurrying, so there is a little gathering at the side seams, but guess what?  I don't care!  This shirt cost a buck, muahahaha!  If it can take me through this pregnancy, sweet.

Overall, the pattern is super easy to follow, with great pictures illustrating the steps.  The only thing I noticed was missing was the length elastic to use for the neck, but no biggie, it's easy to figure out.

 I like to make funny faces at my husband

Also, you can see, my self-altered maternity jeans, huzzah!  I bought a few pairs of cheapo jeans, chopped off the waistband and removed the zipper, then sewed the zipper opening shut.  I made a knit tube of fabric and sewed it to the waistband of the jeans.  It can be worn up over my belly or folded down under it.  In the future, I would do a nude fabric, so it couldn't be seen under light colored tops. However, all I had on hand at the time was black knit, and I was too lazy/cheap to go buy any more fabric :-b 

There's a bunch of tutorials floating around the blogosphere on how to do this alteration, so I won't bore you with instructions.  Just google "DIY maternity jeans" if you're curious :)


  1. Oh, this is cute! The gathering at the side seams looks intentional! This color looks great on you.

  2. As soon as you said "boatneck" it sold me! I would love a nice boatneck top, so I can dress as similar to Edie Sedgwick as possible :)

    Your top turned out great and I agree with Sonja, I think the side seams look cool and intentional!

    1. If you don't have the book, get it! I think I got mine at Barnes & Noble.

  3. I like that gathering at the side seams! I thought it was a design feature until you wrote otherwise! Very cute!

  4. Thank you so much ladies, guess I never should have said anything about the side seams!

  5. oooh love it! It´s a very flattering shirt, it looks incredible on you. I hope, you are having a nice pregnancy!

  6. This pictures all look great, but in my opinion the only one that looks like YOU (as I know you) is the last one with the funny face.

    I think the side gathering is great with the pregnant belly! For maternity jeans, what about matching the knit waist to the pant? If it's nude, then you might look like you're wearing super low-rise jeans, especially if the top rides up at all.

    Looking good mama!

    1. Thanks, Julianne :) I didn't even think about the nude color looking like flesh, hahahahaha, that would be very bad!