Friday, May 17, 2013

be nice v.2-the METAL version!

We have another finished embroidery of the "Be Nice" series!  The story behind this fun series is here.  This time, I wanted to reflect my husband's musical love and what's better than some sweet metal?!? 

Again, I used Sublime Stitching, the Heavy Metal Alphabet and guitars from one of their old kits.  You can find more metal stuff in their Totally Metal patterns.

For my last "Be Nice" I'm going to use the embroidery hoop as the frame.  This one I decided to stretch the fabric, leaving it looking frameless.

I used stretchers I got at a craft store.  Depending on size, they run anywhere from $1-$2 each.  For this particular project, I used 8" on the sides and 10" for the top and bottom.  

They just slide together at the corners.  You can secure with your heavy duty stapler, but I didn't bother, they stick together really well.

Then take your fabric, lay it out wrong side up, making sure the frame and fabric are centered with each other, and staple your fabric to the back of the frame, pulling taut.  I started on the top center, moving outwards from there.  Then I switched to the opposite side, doing the same, then each side piece.  Last, do the corners.  I know I'm not explaining it very well, doh.  But, this is a great video by Blick that shows the whole process from beginning to end!!

save the corners for last

back stitch for the lettering

stem stitch for the guitar body, neck and pickups
french knots for the knobs and tuning pegs

Special thanks goes out to my husband who helped me pick out all the colors (had to be accurate!)


  1. Love it!!!!! You have to visit this website ;-)

  2. This is awesome! I love it even more than the last one!

  3. This is cool, my husband would love this too, he's also a metal fan!

  4. Thank you, Kerry :) Gotta represent the father, too, hehe!