Wednesday, May 15, 2013

link love

I thought it'd be fun to do a link round up of some of my favorite weekly posts.  I started collecting links I thought were cool, then totally forgot about posting.  They aren't all sewing links, but I think a lot of people in this corner of the interwebs will enjoy them!  The ones below are from the last 2 (3?) weeks but I figured I'd post them anyway :-)

i can't have a blog post w/out pictures :)
but seriously, look at all the bebes sprouting!

Who doesn't love some DIY beauty treatments?  This blogger is an esthetician by trade and regularly has some posts on DIY treatments.

Important for all bloggers, and something I've wondered how to do for a while.  How to copyright  your photos.

Many sewing and fashion bloggers have a retro streak.  This shows you how to do a strong brow.  Brows are always what I look at first on someone's face.  I just love thick, strong brows!

I'm lucky enough to know these two ladies in real life, Nhi and Amity of the new pattern company, Lolita Patterns!  Nhi's mom was a factory garment seamstress and grew up learning to sew from her.  Here she lists a bunch of sewing tools that play double duty!

I just think this photography is mind blowing. 

Who had any idea you could dye notions?!?  Not me!  So cool!

Another just-cause-I-think-it's-cool post.  Put in your zip and you can see a water color of the map!  It'd make great art!

Necklace lengths...good to know!

One of the best news stories I've read in a while!  Freaking awesome!!

We all have different reasons for making our own clothes, but this poses an interesting question...Would you be more willing to buy ethically labeled clothes than not?

Hope you enjoy all the links!  

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  1. Cool links! I absolutely would be more willing to buy RTW if I knew it had been ethically produced. I hope that idea takes off because it's super cool!