Friday, June 28, 2013

i must be crazy, but here goes

I've said it a lot lately, but, I'm running out of clothes.  I've literally worn the same outfits to work the last couple weeks, and I'm sure my coworkers are just as tired of seeing the same outfits as I am of wearing them.  So,  I've decided to set a challenge for myself:  I will sew 5 clothing items this weekend, starting tomorrow night, Friday, June 28th-Monday morning, July 1st.  I'll let you know the outcome Tuesday, July 2nd.

Will I finish??  I hope so!  It's a challenge for a couple reasons:

-I sew slowly, very, very slowly.  And not only am I slow, but I get distracted easily.  Shiny object.
-My weekends are busy.  I have a pretty hefty commute during the week, so my leisure time is kinda short when I'm working.  Most of the household stuff and errands I do on the weekends.  This one will be no different.  
On top of that, my Saturday also consists of meeting our doula for breakfast and possibly going to a neighbor's going away party Saturday evening (just found out about this today).  Sunday morning includes our 2 hour birth class.  After that, two of my girlfriends are throwing me a shower in July and are coming over to scout my house for the location.  

So, I must be crazy, no?!?  But I need clothes!!  And I'm too stubborn to buy anything when I have plenty of stash fabric.  Plus, I'm not sure if it's a strength or weakness, but I work best under pressure, with a deadline.  So, for the whole sewing interwebs to see, I'm gonna sew 5 things this weekend, dammit.

What are these new lovelies I'll be adding, you may wonder?  In no particular order:

1.  The Renfrew Top by Sewaholic Patterns

what a difference a pregnancy makes, haha!

I've made several of these in the past.  Most recently, and still unblogged (bad blogger!), a Renfrew dress altered for pregnancy using this tutorial by So, Zo on how to turn a jersey shirt pattern into a maternity one.

2.  Jeggings using the Jalie 2920 pattern

This is a great pattern, which I've used twice.  And, again, bad blogger, but I haven't truly shown off my stretch velvet leopard print ones yet!

3.  A maxi skirt

Just like this worn out black one I've been wearing to death

4.  A dress

A super simple make.  It's nothing more than a rectangle with arm and neck holes.  I belt it just under the bust and it looks quite chic.   And more importantly is so freakin' comfy I could die.  Not really, but you get the point.  When I started getting back into sewing clothes a few years ago, this was the first thing I made (don't look too closely at those seams!)

5.  A Men's shirt to Maternity Top

Another tutorial by So, Zo!  This is a very cute and stylish look and seems easy enough to pull off.  I went to the thrift store last weekend and picked up 3 XXL men's shirts.   Bonus:  they were having a sale, all clothing in the store was $2.  Three shirts for 6 bucks?  Huzzah!  Just to be clear, I'm only trying to make one this weekend, lol!

These were all chosen cause I can mix and match them with each other and with what I've already got.  I've sewn all but the button down shirt before, so for the most part I'm familiar with these makes.  I won't be trying out any new skills, which is perfect for some pressure quick sewing.

To prepare, everything is prewashed already.  I've checked all my supplies and will be stopping by my local sewing store after work tomorrow.  I don't want to have to make a last minute dash during precious sewing time if I run out of thread.

And, in full disclosure, I've already cut out the navy dress weeks ago, but that's the only progress I've made toward any of these.

Now that I'm putting it out there, I'm scared, hehe!  Wish me luck and see you on the other side!


  1. Good luck! I'm getting a little bored of my clothes too tho I have another couple of skirts I need to blog. I might try Zoe's restyle too - I bought a shirt for it a couple of weeks ago but stupidly bought one that was too small so that kind of defied the point :)

    1. Maybe you could use it for postpartum instead? Especially if you nurse. I'm hoping these shirts will work for that as well.

  2. Good luck! I think that a little bit of pressure is a good way to finish projects :-)
    Lately I am in the other side...I am sewing a lot...too. And I feel tired so I´m going to change my sewing rutine.

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  4. Good luck!!! You can do it!

  5. You are crazy! Crazy AWESOME!! Hope you get it all done - we're rooting for you!

  6. Awesome!! Go for it! Sew Happy!~! Looking forward to the great reveal - don't forget to shop for groceries ;)

  7. Oh I just saw this, but if the sew-apalooza continues to next weekend, let me know - perhaps we can get a factory line going?