Tuesday, June 25, 2013

link love

Here's another round up of links I've loved over the last month or so.  And not to leave a blog post pictureless, here's my silly dog, Oz, who's managed to get three of his babies at once, hahahaha!

I think Nhi over at Lolita Patterns might become a favorite of the link love!  Here she offers tips gleaned from her factory seamstress mom on
efficient sewing

I have yet to read this book, but I've seen the many great reviews from fellow sewing bloggers.  It's on my short list for sure.  In this interview, author discusses the recent tragedy in the Bangladesh garment factory.
elizabeth cline interview

How to install magnetic snaps.  I've always wondered how to do this...
how to install magnetic snaps

Who remembers the 80s? Home made fruit roll-ups anyone?
homemade strawberry fruit rollups

Where has this blogger disappeared to?  In the meantime, a great post on
How to do "all in one facings"

I've seen this techniques before, but I think her pictures are especially helpful
Rolled hem tutorial from Grainline Studios

Yikes, this looks so uncomfortable.  I'm not a corset person myself, but even less after seeing these!
x-ray of a corset wearer

I think a lot of us feel this way sometimes...
stuck in the wrong job, but don't know what to do?

Still in love with this guys quilting
Ben Venom

Fascinating take on making pattern changes from a new-to-me blog, The Cutting Class
Ways to think about pattern changes and fitting

My mouth is watering over these homemade hot sauces
homemade hot sauce!

This looks like so much fun
DIY watercolor paints

For the knitters out there, this is so cool looking! 
Stitch maps

Hope you enjoy these!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links! I'm pondering over the advice from the article about feeling stuck in your job right now-- it was great timing as I'm very seriously considering a career change. Thank you!

    1. That one really spoke to me as well. I keep reading it over and over! This business is tough, man!

  2. The stitch map is my favorite linky. It's actually how I translate written knitting instructions into something more visual. I'm a horrible reader so I'm always getting written instructions mixed up.