Tuesday, June 18, 2013

mmm '13-week 5-going out with a whimper

Hmmm, this post has been patiently waiting around for me to finish it.  Work, travel and post travel exhaustion have taken it's toll.  Sorry for the delay, cause I'm sure everyone was waiting with baited breath ;-)

Let's make this quick, shall we?  This is a damn boring post, cause really, I kinda ran out of clothes at the end.  Everyday, I'm finding another article of clothing, both me-made and store bought, that isn't fitting anymore.  I forgot to take pictures two of the days this particular week, and the one picture I got is not mind blowing.  Oh well, they can't all be winners.

white t-shirt

black and white striped T (Marshalls?)
black maxi skirt (unblogged)
 this also doubles as my pregnancy Week 27 photo!

What I learned...It's hard to say as this month isn't indicative of my wardrobe as a whole due to the basketball edition hanging out in my front section.  However, it's been a learning experience trying out new combos, attempting to accessorize, which I'm kinda pretty bad at, and really trying to look cute when I leave the house.  It's so easy for me at the moment to throw on a pair of dingy yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt and call it a day.  Of course, going back to work was a huge impetus in not letting that happen.
Overall, I had a lot of fun with this challenge.  I particularly loved looking through the Flickr group and found quite a few fun, new (to me) blogs to read. 
And that is it, folks, my out with a whimper, last week of MMM '13!  Woohoo! 


  1. You are so cute! MMM must be particularly difficult when you're changing sizes every week!

  2. With your motherhood and your growing belly, I think you've passed the challenge very well!

    1. Thanks, Maider, I tried :-) I'm just glad I committed and followed through, even if only for 3 days!

  3. Congrats!!! You look so lovely in that monochrome outfit. Super-stylin' preggers outfit xx