Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spring Sewing Swap!!

As soon as Kerry from Kestral Makes asked if anyone wanted to do a Spring Swap, I jumped on that!  In the (almost) 3 years, I've been blogging, I've yet to join a swap, and I'm so glad I did.  There's really nothing like getting a package with surprise items inside, tailored all for meeeee.

Kerry paired me with Melizza from Pincushion Treats.  I have a suspicion she did that cause Melizza just had a wee babe (and OMG, he is so freakin cute!) and I'm on that bandwagon now.  Perfect!  Not to mention, we're in the same state, so shipping is pretty inexpensive and quick.

Now for the goodies...

Cute card to start it off right!  Wish I had thought of that...

 And what is this? Looks like a pattern...

But it's a notebook, how cute is that?!? I may have squealed when I realized.

A couple of grown up patterns...probably gonna be jumping on that Burda real soon.

And a wee bebe pattern.  Squeeee, how cute.  Not sure what language it's in, but Melizza put a note on it saying there's English instruction on the website. 

And a couple pieces of fabric!  I love the colors of the cotton on the right.  And the little birdie one on the left is a knit-just what I need right now.  Also, it feels like a vintage print to me, always a good thing!

I'm just thrilled with the goodies Melizza sent and can't wait to get crackin' using some of them!

Thank you, Kerry, for putting this all together, and thank you Melizza for being so thoughtful in your choices.   This was much more fun than I had hoped and I'll definitely participate again!

When's the next swap?


  1. What an awesome package! Melizza is so cool!

  2. I bought two of those pattern notebooks so I have one for myself. I haven't made myself write in it yet.

    The baby pattern is written in Danish. Here are the English instructions:

    Oh! I forgot to mention that the African wax fabric (the colorful one on the right) can just be washed in cold and pressed like normal. How the fabric keeps it's shimmer is beyond me. I bought meters and meters of the stuff when I was in London.

    So glad you liked the goodies!

    1. Oh, thanks for the link again!
      I love African wax fabric!! I didn't realize that's what it was, ha!

  3. Two ladies I like, paired together :)

    I'm dying over that notebook, so cute!!

  4. What a lovely selection, Melizza is so thoughtful! The knit fabric is gorgeous and I love the baby pattern too - too cute!

    Glad you enjoyed the swap x

    1. Yes! I would do another one in a heartbeat. So much fun!

  5. What an epic score!!! You HAVE to make that baby pattern, too darling!!!! xx

    1. Right?? Baby clothes just slay me everytime!

  6. Wow! Such fabulous treats - such lovely fabric! I've just posted about my goodies from the lovely Philippa - do come and take a look! Thank-you Kestrel for setting this up :)