Friday, July 5, 2013

breakdown pt. 2

First, I hope everyone in the US had a safe and fun holiday yesterday!  I know I did.  I lounged like a big 'ol whale on the beach, floated in the ocean, then ate yummy food.  Much needed relaxation!

Second, thank you so very much for all the kind, inspiring and empathetic comments on my last post.  I found myself smiling in relief and gratefulness that there are such awesome seamstresses (sewers, sewists, sewintists :) out there that get it.

Though I'm fully recovered from my mental collapse ridiculous sewing adventure last weekend, my serger is still out of commission-the second half of my saga, lol.

I bought this Bernina 700D used off craigslist.  The girl I bought it from had been in fashion school, but "hated sewing".  Whaaaa?  Um, ok, to each their own.  Anyway, she had never had it serviced, and it was a wee beat up, but still worked fine.  I put off having it serviced, just cleaning it out and oiling it, and it worked like a dream for a long time. 

Then, a few weeks back, as I was trying to use it, the lower looper thread (far right) kept breaking.  Also, the indicator dial, which apparently is the name for the stitch length dial, who knew, was broken.  It still worked, but it would slip out of place sometimes and change the stitch length mid run.

My sweet husband took it to the shop for me.  For what it's worth, the lady that took it in, cannot trouble shoot the machines-AT ALL.  I called her from work to explain the problems, get a cost estimate, etc. and she just kept saying, "Well, the tech's not here, I don't know, I don't know."  She got pretty frustrated with me, cause of course I had 20 questions.  But don't you think they should know something??

The tech is only there on Wednesdays, so I called back then.  I wanted to know WHY the machine was doing this, not just that it would work after repair.  He was very nice and patient and explained everything.

Apparently the lower looper thread was breaking because it was getting caught on the needle plate, which was damaged.  (how that happened...???)  I gave the go ahead for the new part order and patiently waited until the next week. 

My husband picked it up for me last Wednesday and the tech was able to fix the plate without replacing it, which saved me some $$$.  It had the little stitch sampler they do when it's serviced, got it home and used it on the weekend.  Wouldn't you know, a couple hours later, the mother freakin' lower looper thread broke again, arrrrrrg.  WTF?!  After rethreading 2x, and it still breaking, is when I gave up.  

Not only that, but the tension was WAY off.  It was as if the differential feed was cranked all the way up.  I had to loosen the needle tension way down to make it normal.  Again, WTF?

It's back in the shop now.  And hopefully will be ready next Wednesday, but who knows.  Right now, I'm going to content myself with some home dec projects that need to be finished before the little one arrives.

I researched any persistant problems that the Bernina 700D might have, and that is not one of them.  In fact, it's got a really high rating from what I can gather.  Has anyone ever heard of this problem before?  Whether the needle plate plays a role, or if it's something else?


  1. Oh man I hope they get it sorted out for you! I am so reliant on my serger - I live in fear of the day it starts acting up! I've got absolutely no advice for you, but I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

    1. I got it back...hopefully all is good now!